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Looking for a Place to Pop the Question?

by Guest Author 31 August 2017 06:58

Finally found the perfect person to marry but don’t know where to ask? Finding the perfect place can be hard, especially if you choose to do it during a vacation. We want you to find the perfect place to start your new adventure with that special person. Whether you are looking for something secluded, low lit, out, or out in the open we have some great suggestions that you should check out.

Baker Beach in San Francisco

This place has so many great elements to it. It is out in nature with a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge. You are right on the water and if you time it properly the sky will look colorful and gorgeous. Be careful about choosing the Northern side of the beach because it is a clothing optional area.

Sunset Cruise in San Francisco

There are many cruises to choose from. Some of them are two hour dinner cruises that would be perfect. You will get a view of the Bay from many different angles and be warmed by the lights from the shoreline. You can even go out to the deck on some of these boats and find a secluded spot if that is what you would like.

World Peace Rose Garden in Sacramento

There are about 650 rose bushes and 153 varieties of roses for you to see. It smells amazing when they are in bloom. This will make a picture perfect proposal. And the icing on the top this place, roses are the symbol of unity (feel free to steal that for a part of your speech).

Delta King in Sacramento

The Delta King is a large paddle boat in the Delta. It has dinner cruises where you have two restaurants to choose from. There is also a ton of deck space for you to walk around on until you find the perfect spot to stop. If you are really into murder mysteries, you can plan your proposal during one of their murder mystery dinners.

Mountain Winery in Santa Cruz

This winery is easily accessible and has outdoor tables so you can put together a picnic in the area. You will have a grand view of the vineyard and can be shaded by the tree. If you would like, you can have a wine tasting before, after, or do it when you plan on proposing. Either one will make them happy.

The Japanese Friendship Garden in San Jose

This is a free garden for you to view. It blooms in the summer and spring and can be crowded in certain areas. We recommended that if you have never been there, you visit beforehand if you can to pick out the perfect spot. However, if you do not have the time, it doesn’t hurt to just walk around until you find the right spot to stop. They also host weddings, so you can reserve the area if you would like to plan your wedding there as well.

Redwood Forest

If you love to hike, this is a great place to choose. You can hike the trails and at the end where there is a perfect view you can stop and pop the question. This place would be easy to find a quiet spot all to yourself. It is also a great place to go if you want somebody to take a picture of the moment without being noticed.

We want your special moment to go off perfectly. Come to to find a hotel and places to eat for your special day or weekend.

Out and About in Vacaville

by Guest Author 29 August 2017 07:11

Whether you are just driving through on your way to another area or planning on spending some time in the area, Vacaville has plenty of fun things to do that you do not want to miss out on. The following are six of the best places to visit.

Jelly Belly Factory

Ever wonder how they create those tasty treats are made? Well we can tell you how to find out. At the Jelly Belly Factory, you can get a guided tour as to how they are made and at the end of the tour you get dropped off in Jelly Belly heaven where you can buy some fresh jelly beans.

The tour allows you to see the process and engage in some of the interactive exhibits. What is the Bonus? Free samples!

Budweiser Factory

View how one of your favorite beers is made. They will give you an understanding a viewing of how they brew their beer. Along with these fun things, you will get to learn the history behind the beer and the factory.

This factory not only has a lot to say about its beer, but its conservation efforts as well. The factory uses solar panels and wind turbines to power the factory. They have also worked hard on their water conservation efforts. If this interests you as well, they will explain it on your tour.

Six Flags Discover Kingdom is Nearby

Have fun on rides and enjoy time with your friends and family at this amusement park. They have many attractions at the park, but the main rides people love are the roller coasters. One of the most exciting rides in the park is the Rage of the Gargoyles. It’s a virtual reality ride.

They are constantly changing things around here. So, if you have been here before, it might be time to visit again. They are currently finishing up the Wonder Woman ride. It is set for opening in 2017.

Premium Outlets

Get a little shopping done at the Premium Outlets. They have clothing for all sizes and a great variety. Besides clothing, there are also jewelry, athletic stores, and more. You can easily spend a day shopping here and fall in love with the prices. Get name brand clothing at prices that you find fair.

Nut Tree Family Park

Driving and want a quick place to stop for some fun? Or hanging around the area for a while? Then this is the perfect place to hang out. It’s a 71 acre funland with rides, dining, and more. The place dates back to the 1920s and has always been the best stop for people traveling along the highway.

Vacaville Museum

This museum focuses on the local area. You will be able to learn how the city came and also how historical landmarks have been set. This includes places like the Nut Tree. At this community centered museum, you can get the facts from helpful people and learn more than what you see in the exhibits.

We want you to enjoy your time in Vacaville, even if you are just driving through. We, at, want you to be able to find the listings you are looking for. Use us to plan your next trip.

San Rafael Fun

by Guest Author 22 August 2017 06:26

San Rafael is a beautiful city north of San Francisco. The city is the oldest and largest city in Marin County. They have amazing historic buildings for you to view. In addition, you will have plenty of places to visit that you will not just find anywhere.

The Museum of International Propaganda

If you are interested in how some countries made up facts and sent out false messages to their citizens, this is the place for you to visit. They have collected over 30 years of propaganda materials from places like North Korea, Nazi Germany, and the Soviet Union.

They offer guided tours through the museum where you can view and learn about at least 25 different countries propaganda material and how it was used.

Museum of the American Indian

Learn more about the Native Americans at the Museum of the American Indian. They set up exhibits for you to understand the diversity and history of our country’s earliest inhabitants. You will get to learn from the elders and other members of their community.

This experience is so much better than just reading a book because they can answer questions and teach you things you might not have understood about their culture.

Mountain View Vintners

Mountain View Winery is ran by Angelo Pera. He and his daughters have managed this premium winery. They opened this tasting room in San Rafael in hopes that you would have a comfortable setting to taste their premium wines. Lucky for you, they did just that.

Their tasting room is cozy and you and your friends or family to have fun and taste some wine. If you are looking for a good time full of laughing and happiness, this is the place for you.

Art Works Downtown

This place has many different things to do. They have different exhibits, events, and classes you can sign up for. If you are an artist and would like to show your work, then you should contact them.

Or, if you would like to see the work and learn how to make an artistic piece for your living room, then sign up now. You can also stop by and talk to them.

They have classes for adults and kids. This includes a summer camp. So, if you are planning your summer events for your children, be sure to check this out!


If you are looking for a great family event, this one is perfect. You can learn about and explore the environment with your family. These family events are set up in advance, so be sure to sign up before you miss out.

They also have summer camps and a courtyard where you can come and watch some of the birds feed. If your child would like to participate in a camp you need to hurry up and enroll them because these camps fill up fast.

San Rafael Mission

This mission has a long history. During the 1800s, it was a place for Native Americans to come and heal from their illnesses. The reason was because this specifics missions mission was to heal the bodily ill.

Currently, the mission is used by the Catholic Church and for special events.

If you are planning a trip to San Rafael or anywhere else in Northern California, use We are here to help you!

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