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Yellow Pages Get Used in Emergencies

by Steven McReynolds 8 May 2014 14:30

The weather in the Valley rarely makes national headlines, unlike much of the United States.

But we have our own weather-related troubles. Freezing crops, rolling blackouts during extreme hot weather, and rain storms can cause a lot of destruction.

When these happen, you need an easily accessible resource that helps you connect with the businesses and services that can help you recover. It's called the Valley Yellow Pages.

When you need listings for plumbers, roofers, general contractors, landscapers or even mental health services, the Valley Yellow Pages has these and more.

Our online and mobile versions make it even easier to look up phone numbers, addresses, specialties and more.

But what if you're in the midst of a weather-related problem and have no power? Fortunately, we still publish our trusted print version, too.

When Hurricane Sandy struck the East Coast in 2012, residents without electricity relied on the print version to contact key services. And call volume to businesses that advertised in the YP increased by more than 200 percent right after Sandy hit.

We love our milder California weather. But when the skies do turn ugly on us, make sure you have a copy of the Valley Yellow Pages handy.

Chiropractors: Help for Those Aches and Pains

by Steven McReynolds 29 October 2013 11:51


Whether we spend our days sitting at a desk or hunched over an engine, our skeletal system can pay the price for repetitive stress and strain.

Back pain, aching joints and muscles, stiffness—many people will experience these symptoms at one time or another in their lives. A chiropractor may be able to help ease your discomfort. And you can find one to suit your needs in the Valley Yellow Pages.

We make it easy! Just go to the "C" pages and look for a chiropractor. You can then choose a chiropractor based on location, specialty, years of practice, or whichever quality is a priority for you.

Finding the best medical professional for your needs doesn't have to be difficult. The Valley Yellow Pages makes your search easy with local chiropractors, so you don't waste time getting search results with listings far away from home.

When you start to ache, grab the Valley Yellow Pages—in print, online, or mobile—and find a chiropractor near you.

Making Fun Affordable with Staycations

by Steven McReynolds 12 July 2013 13:08

playing at arcade

Maybe one positive to come out of the Great Recession is that many people have become more creative about their vacations and fun activities to do in their community.

So, instead of spending large amounts of money to go on out-of-town vacations, people are saving their money and spending their vacations closer to home on “staycations,” getting reacquainted with local attractions.

If you’re looking for ideas or local activities for your staycation, your local Valley Yellow Pages directory is a great place to get started. Here are a few ideas:

In addition, fast food, carry out, pizza, deli counters, and other restaurants provide affordable eats for when all that fun builds up your appetite.

Regardless of your income, you can find something fun to do that fits your budget in the Valley Yellow Pages in print, online, or mobile.

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