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Benefits of Owning a Business in Northern California

by Guest Author 23 August 2016 15:42

Considering opening a business but aren’t sure where? Northern California might be the right place for you.

1. Large population

A large population is great for many reasons. You will have more than enough potential customers to reach for profits. You also will be able to find workers to help you grow your business as necessary.

2. Many manufacturing companies

California has many manufacturing companies which means that the cost to supply and make your products will be cheaper than in other states. It also means that if you need more of something quickly the wait time will be less. All of which save you money!

3. Large economy

With a large population, California has a large economy. That means that you will be in a sound area to start your business. It also means that there will be enough potential money out there for your business to thrive.

4. Over 50% of businesses are small businesses in California

As a business starting out, take comfort in the fact that over 50% of California’s businesses are small businesses. Since you most likely will be starting out as a small business, you can join the ranks with many other businesses that seem to be doing well.

5. Largest tourism market

California is such a great place with so many types of attractions we cannot easily list them here. That means that your business might not be dependant on just the locals. It also means that you will get a chance to meet new people each day and have fun in the process.

6. Culturally diverse

You will have a diverse crowd in almost any place. Whether it is tourists or just the locals, you will meet many different people. Many of these people love to try new things and some just love the basics, so no matter what type of business you want to start, you should be able to find your niche audience.

7. Innovative area

With the Dotcom era and many other creative businesses starting here, you will fit right in if you have a new idea. California puts new businesses on the map all the time. It can be a new twist on an old idea, a fun place for customers to be, or a completely new idea. No matter which one of these your business is, Northern California is the right place for you.

8. Marketing

The best way to reach these goals? Marketing! Any Northern California has ways for you to reach out and talk to your audience. For example,

  • Has a place for you to put your ads
  • Gives customers directions to your business
  • Will let you put coupons for your business online
  • Helps you rank in organic searches

As you can notice, there are many reasons to start your business in Northern California. With a large population and tourism, many people will be able to drive by your place of business daily. You also have an easy way to reach out to your audience online.

The next question for you is, What city is best for you here?

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