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Best Social Media Strategies for Small Business

by Guest Author 28 November 2017 13:34

Word of mouth only goes so far. It’s much easier to draw more happy people through your doors when you have a strong web presence. Social media is an easy and cost effective way of doing that.


This platform is great for all small businesses. You can easily verify your business with Facebook, add pictures, and more. It’s very user friendly and the more your play around with it the easier it becomes.

Facebook currently has users from every age range, but lately has become more for people 25 and older. If they are your target audience, be sure to place more time and effort into this platform.

If you don’t have a lot of time to place posts, you can schedule them in advance. Also, don’t forget to comment back to those who have commented on the page. Engagement and likes are everything.


This platform is currently home to younger audiences. Many people like how quickly conversations and tweets rotate through the newsfeed. Using certain hashtags (more commonly known to older audiences as pound signs), you can create a brand voice or even get noticed by trending topics.

There is a character limit to your tweets, but you can also schedule posts, just like on Facebook. The fun thing about the character limit is that it allows you to play with what you want to say and how. People are also more likely to read it because it’s much shorter than say, a Facebook post.

Some research has shown that videos and pictures are more focused on in newsfeeds. So if you have either of those, tweet it out.


Instagram has blown up. This is a great place for you to place pictures of products, show what you and your team are up to, and so much more. Taking the time to put up quality pictures of your products will allow potential customers to see what they can get when they visit you, enticing them through your doors.

Not to mention this great marketing tool can be used in a simple way as well. Have customers snap pictures of them using or eating your product and tag you in it. You then gain credibility by having pictures that aren’t just posted by you and you didn’t have to do a thing.


This platform is for more B2B companies. You can gain many great connections, share information with others who work in the same industry, and more. Since these people are a different type of audience, your posts can be longer. This is especially true when you are posting about a blog.

Google+/My Business

While many people are moving away from this platform, it is still something that you want to have set up. It allows you to be seen easier on Google and map searches. When somebody Google searches your company’s name, your information from Google will show your business’s information on the right hand side. This can include your address, pictures, and reviews.

There is nothing like taking up space on a Google search.

These are just some basic ideas you can use for increasing your web presence and helping customers find you.

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