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Computer Errors Cost Money

by ShannonH 12 January 2012 11:33

You've heard the saying, "To err is human, but to really mess things up takes a computer." In other words, technology is a wonderful thing, except when it isn't. Error messages, down sites and computer glitches are all things that can stand between you and your customers if your only mode of advertising is online.

Think about it. If your website goes down for just one day, how much potential revenue is lost? How will you recoup that loss? Bojan Simic from Trac Research recently reported that when search engine Bing slowed down by just 2 seconds of response time, it lead to a 4.3 percent drop in revenue and usage.

Can your business afford that kind of loss?

With the Valley Yellow Pages, there are no such glitches. Your customers know just where to find you when they need you with just a flip of the page, whether your business name starts with A or Z or any letter in between.

Make sure your advertising includes a mix of online and traditional print, and you'll be in good hands. Don't trust your business to only the Internet. After all, things happen. Be prepared.

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