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Expanding Reach through use of Multiple Media Options

by Allyson Robison 14 May 2013 14:29

It is easy for advertisers, in the interest of keeping things simple, to want to chose one medium over another. In reality, advertisers are best served when they make use of a mix of media alternatives.

While advertisers can reach and influence roughly a third of their customers through online sources (search, website), other sources—specifically Yellow Pages and Direct Mail—reach customers who do not seek out search or other Internet resources prior to their purchases.

Consider the following observations about Yellow Pages, for example. On average, for someone who makes a purchase in one of the categories covered by the top 200 Yellow Pages headings:

  • 16% of paying customers report being influenced by print Yellow Pages. More than six out of seven of these customers (85%) say they were not influenced by a Direct Mail advertisement and three out of four people (73%) were not influenced by search or other online sources1.
  • 10% of paying customers report being influenced by Internet Yellow Pages ads. More than five out of six of these customers (83%) were not influenced by a Direct Mail advertisement and approximately 60% of IYP-influenced customers were not influenced by search or other online sources.1

This means that advertisers have a great opportunity to expand their reach by using a combination of Yellow Pages (print, Internet, and mobile), Direct Mail, and Internet search. The figure below shows the expansion effect.

While there are overlaps, the majority of consumers reached by each medium are not influenced by the other media. The “overlap” between Yellow Pages and Direct Mail, for example, is less than one out of six consumers. The "overlap" between print Yellow Pages and search is about one out of four customers. Using a combination of the media allows businesses to successfully reach multiple sets of audiences, in the way each audience responds best.

Using Yellow Pages—print, Internet, and mobile—along with online search increases the reach for a business from 32% to 50%. Adding Direct Mail to the program increases total reach to prospective customers to close to 60%.

The goal of every business is to get their sales message in front of as many prospective customers as possible. No single medium accomplishes this on its own. Only through a smart combination of media can businesses insure their message is reaching the people that are likely to buy.

1 TNS 2012 Intermedia Shopping Study.


Post Source: CRM Associates, “Yellow Pages, Search, and Other Direct Marketing Media: Expanding Reach through use of Multiple Media Options,” September 2012.

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