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Online Shoppers Not Buying

by ShannonH 12 January 2012 10:44

How many Internet shoppers actually buy online? Ten percent? Twenty percent? More? Actually the number is less than 6 percent. "We're 15 years into the consumer Internet, but lots of people don't realize that most retail commerce still happens in local markets," Brendan Morrissey, CEO of Netserve, recently told Tech Journal.

While the number of people who browse using online search engines is high—more than 90 percent—when it comes to actual sales, consumers prefer a local provider.

Figuring out how to capture that local market is a challenge, but research shows the best way to do it is through a print directory such as the Valley Yellow Pages.

Though Morrissey says that "people don't use Yellow Pages anymore," other research shows otherwise—local shoppers need a local connection. In fact, more than 60 percent of online researchers include print directories in their searches, with most consumers preferring a multi-platform approach.

You can't afford to risk alienating those who prefer the power of print. You need a complimentary method of reaching your consumers across channels.

So, go ahead and market online, but while you're doing it, remember to keep the Valley Yellow Pages as part of your overall strategy. It's real and it works.


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