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Study Demonstrates Positive ROI for Print Yellow Pages Ads

by Allyson Robison 18 July 2012 13:46

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According to a recent study of nearly 200,000 display ads, advertising in the Yellow Pages has a positive return on investment (ROI) between 10.7 to 1 and 23.4 to 1, depending on the type of ad. That means for every $1 spent on Yellow Pages advertising, businesses made $10-$24 in sales. In-column ads have an even higher ROI, ranging from 20.6 to 1, up to 124.0 to 1, or $20 to $124 in sales for every $1 spent on advertising.

The 2012 Metered Ad Study conducted by CRM Associates, a market research and analysis consulting firm, examined 460,000 ads in multiple ad tracking studies for both print and online Yellow Pages products from the past five years. Below is a summary of the results. A preliminary report can be viewed at The full report will be available later this summer.

Display Ads

Display Ads
Display Ads
Local Companion
Display Ads
No. of Ads Studied 184,218 6,212 6,184
Avg. Ad Cost $4,485 $5,040 $688
Avg. Revenue Generated $60,085 $59,065 $22,740
Return on Investment 14.2 10.7 23.4

In-Column Ads

No. of Ads Studied 72,003 2,062 1,297 1,036
Avg. Ad Cost $830 $684 $672 $216
Avg. Revenue Generated $26,936 $15,835 $15,827 $33,643
Return on Investment 34.6 20.6 24.5 124.0

Internet Yellow Pages Ads

  IYP Ad Bundles
No. of Ads Studied 32,571
Avg. Ad Cost $4,089
Avg. Revenue Generated $39,164
Return on Investment 11.2

Many Internet Yellow Pages products are sold as bundles with Print Yellow Pages products with many offering discounts which would in turn lower the average ads cost and increase the return on investment.

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Get Twitter Followers
Get Twitter Followers United States
2/9/2013 1:18:44 PM #

I think both the printed and online versions of the Yellow Pages are effective for advertising. Of course, a business shouldn't limit itself to just that "old fashioned" marketing system. Facebook and Twitter are becoming big for advertising - using both direct and indirect methods.

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