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Three Strategies to Help your Small Business Succeed in 2019

by Guest Author 22 January 2019 09:24

If the past year was any indication of a digital influence taking over small business trends, 2019 will reinforce the fact. In preparation for Generation Z to become the largest consumer and labor force of 2020, it's imperative that small businesses focus this year on a smooth transition into the next decade, incorporating some current trends for success.

Expect more remote workers.

Not only has the advancement of technology made easy accessibility to work remotely from home, it's become the new norm, surprisingly found to be more productive and efficient. Employees are lured to a position that doesn't require commuting in traffic, will lower stress and distractions, creating a sense of ease and flexibility by allowing them to cultivate a productive environment. Companies are in favor of this trend since it can reduce cost for office space and absenteeism, while meeting deadlines and completing projects.

Freelancing is at an all time high.

With the onset of remote workers becoming the norm, freelancing has boomed right alongside it. Workers are able to start their own business offering their services online, working remotely with a team, from any coffee shop or space that has Wi-Fi connections around the world. This has become an ideal setting for young workers, which started with Millennials and will certainly continue with Generation Z. Small businesses benefit from this up rise in a freelance workforce since they can hire on-demand, rather than having the cost of hiring in-house employees.

Engage with social media.

Now is a time where customer satisfaction has a voice and its platform is social media. Small businesses can engage with these consumers, enhancing their experience with personalization and data recommendations. Traditional marketing is a thing of the past with consumers becoming increasingly interested in mobile device accessibility and led by Influencer marketing. Social media allows small businesses to gain consumer trust through brand transparency, giving consumers a place to express their opinions.

The next decade is right around the corner and with it changes will need to take place. These are just a few examples of trends we can predict will continue to escalate in the next year. Young workers and consumers have been training for this digital rise since their birth; it's time small businesses ensure they can keep up.

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