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Marriage & Family Therapists (78)Charitable Organizations (19)Churches-Assemblies Of God (12)
Churches (44)Youth Organizations & Centers (22)Churches-Jehovah's Witnesses (10)
Social & Human Servs For Individuals & Families (52)Churches Non-Denominational (19)Housing Assistance & Shelters (9)
Associations (25)Churches-Catholic, Roman (12)Nursing Homes Skilled Nursing Facility (9)
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Charitable Organizations (19)Churches-Foursquare Gospel (4)Churches-United Methodist (4)
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Churches-Assemblies Of God (12)Churches-Independent (1)Churches-Various Denominations (6)
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Churches-Church Of Christ (6)Churches-Pentecostal Church Of God (1)Nursing Homes Residential Care Facility (4)
Churches-Church Of God (3)Churches-Pentecostal-United (1)Nursing Homes Skilled Nursing Facility (9)
Churches Church Of God Anderson, Indiana (1)Churches-Presbyterian (3)Shelters (1)
Churches-Church Of God In Christ (1)Churches-Presbyterian, Korean Western (1)Social & Human Servs For Individuals & Families (52)
Churches-Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints (5)Churches Presbyterian USA (7)Youth Organizations & Centers (22)
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