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Why Advertise with Valley Yellow Pages – Online & Mobile

Every year, more consumers are turning to the internet and mobile devices to find local businesses and services.

Internet Yellow Pages

  • 60% of consumers have used the Internet Yellow Pages
  • 53% have used IYP in the past year
  • 33% use IYP in an average month
  • 3.2 visits/references are performed on average every week
  • Estimated 4.9 billion references* are made each year
  • 56% of consumers have no business in mind prior to their search
  • After making an IYP reference:
    • 62% made a contact
    • 36% made a purchase
    • 40% of purchasers are new customers

(Source: 2009 Yellow Pages Association, Local Media Tracking Study, Conducted by Burke, April 2010; *IYP references from comScore )

Mobile Yellow Pages

  • 17.3 million subscribers accessed business directories on a mobile phone in March 2010 (14% growth over previous year)
  • 10.8 million subscribers accessed via a mobile browser (21% growth over previous year)
  • 4.1 million subscribers accessed via mobile apps (42% growth over previous year)

Mobile also provides access to a much younger audience who is using business directories to find local information.

  • 58% are 35 or younger
  • 50%+ have a household income $75k or higher
  • 3.5 times more likely to also search for women’s magazine content, health information, real estate listings, and job listings.

This growth in online and mobile local search demonstrates the value of Internet Yellow Pages in continuing to connect businesses and customers when they search online. and Mobile Apps provide additional value by offering customers the visual familiarity of the printed Yellow Pages combined with enhanced features. Make sure your business and company profile are visible in front of this growing digital audience who is looking for the right vendor and product to purchase.

Strengthen your local market presence by surrounding the customer in Valley Yellow Pages directories, and Mobile Apps. Together they connect local businesses with local customers to increase advertiser revenue and customer value.

Print and Online Combined

  • Consumers referenced print and Internet Yellow Pages 16.9 billion times in 2009
  • 65% of consumers who looked up local business information in the past month used a combination of print and Internet Yellow Pages
  • 67% of consumers said print or Internet Yellow Pages is the source they trust most for finding local business information (compared to Search Engines at 33%)
  • 68% of consumers believe print and Internet Yellow Pages contain accurate local business information (compared to Search Engines at 32%)

(Source: Local Media Tracking Study 2009, Burke )

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