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Tips for Apartment Hunters

by Steven McReynolds 10 April 2014 07:37

So, you're ready to move out on your own. With high prices and a tight supply, today's rental market may present some challenges. Below are some tips to help land your first pad and avoid some common new renter missteps that could leave you out in the cold.

Establish a realistic budget. A general rule of thumb is to spend 30 percent or less of your income on rent, but experts say you may need to go a little higher these days, according to U.S. News and World Report. Don't forget to factor in utilities—such as electric, heat and telephone—which may not be included. Strapped for cash? Consider a roommate or two.

Read before you sign. Always read the agreement carefully. Ask what's included in the rent, how often rent will increase, whether you get your security deposit back and how much notification the landlord will give if you need to move out, says U.S. News and World Report.

Do a walk-through. Check out the apartment in person before you move in, or you could get an unpleasant surprise, says

Enlist the Valley Yellow Pages in your apartment search. Its mobile, online and print editions include listings for apartments in your area.

woman packing books

Come See Us

by ShannonH 7 April 2014 11:01

Let’s face it—the Central Valley isn't usually the first location that people think of when they decide to tour the state.Vineyard

It's not easy to compete with Disneyland, Hollywood, Napa, San Francisco and other world-renowned attractions in our state. But the Central Valley has plenty to offer, too.

The print version of the Valley Yellow Pages includes many sites of interest for folks that live in the state and visitors from elsewhere.

Agriculture is our biggest industry. And local chambers of commerce, government farming offices and other resources can provide help finding interesting tours (Hilmar Cheese, Gallo Winery, etc.) for tourists.

And you can find contact info for them in the Valley Yellow Pages.

The Valley is also not far from regional attractions, such as Yosemite and Paso Robes either. Travelers can easily find lodging, dining and other Valley offerings when passing through.

The print version of the Valley Yellow Pages—still a trusted source.


Strategies to Build a Memory Book

by ShannonB 4 April 2014 07:17

Keeping a record of family history and memories can create a great source of information for generations to come. You can build your own account by creating a memory book, photo album or even a family yearbook. Below are some tips to get you started.

women looking at photos

Choose a theme. Is your book a year in review, a baby birth book or a vacation chronicle? Focusing your effort will help you tell a more effective story.

Edit and focus. You want the book to tell the story of your year, not just be a jumble of photos. Write down some highlights of the year—the first day of kindergarten, a new house, graduation—and then look for photos and information that best tells the story.

Include historical information. Give your memories some context by including historical or important events that occurred during that period of time. Whether it's a new invention or a political event, it will make your book more interesting to read when you look back on it years later.

The Valley Pages Community Guide includes some highlights of each calendar year in its Year in Review section that you can use to build your personal history.


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