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3 Ways to Leverage Text Messaging to Increase Customer Conversion

by Guest Author 18 January 2019 07:01

Being a small business owner means you probably are always looking for ways to connect with your customers, reach out to new prospects, and find ways to close that deal. You probably have email campaigns and follow-up calls already in place, but have you considered implementing a text messaging strategy, as well? A vast majority of Americans send and receive text messages every day. One reason people tend to prefer texting over other forms of communication is that it's a quick way to get an answer about something. It seems more personal than emails and it's a "quieter" interruption than taking a phone call. In fact, small businesses can leverage text messaging to increase customer conversion. Here are a few ways how:

Connect with a real call faster

Of course, you need to talk to a prospect or customer to finalize a deal, but you may find yourself getting lost on their voicemail when they don't pick up the phone. If you really want to talk, you may need to schedule a phone call. People actually prefer to have a time when they will receive a call. It allows them to find a time when they are not as busy. Text messaging makes it so easy for you and them. Simply shoot them a text asking when it would be a good time to call.

Provide them with information quicker than the competition

When your potential customer is getting close to making a decision about purchasing, they will probably have a few questions. The problem is if they don't get the answers right away, they may move on to the next business. Texting is a fast way to answer those questions and leverage the momentum of interest.

Finalize details when working with a contractor

Some small businesses rely on contractors to fill in the gaps for them. Maybe you had a salesperson who was in touch with a contractor and ready to close a deal, but now the contractor is unresponsive to phone calls. That puts you in a bind. However, you can get a hold of him in no time with a text message. You can reconnect with the contractor and seal the deal.

Finding ways to keep the connection alive is vital in today's fast-moving business world. Try using text messaging as a bridge to make more connections, lead to more phone calls, and close more deals.

How to Rekindle Your Motivation

by Guest Author 10 January 2019 06:46

When you began your business, you had a fire burning inside. Your desire to succeed fueled you to work hard. After awhile, that fire dies down. Most small business owners experience a slump in sales and a slump in motivation. How do you rekindle your desire to work hard and succeed? Try these tips to keep yourself motivated.

Keep Your Vision in Front of You

Over time, your business evolves and the clear vision you had at the beginning becomes muddied with other ambitions or necessities. Take some time to think about your vision. Is it the same as it once was? Do you have a different focus now? Write out your vision, whether old or new, and pin it where you can see it. Knowing what you are working toward will help you move forward.

Surround Yourself with Motivation

You don't need to come up with all your motivation yourself! Read books that will feed the fire of success. Listen to motivational speakers. Ask fellow business owners what they do to keep themselves working day after day.

Do Something Different

Even if it's something really strange, like starting a stamp collection or going spelunking, a new and exciting focus in another area of your life can feed the excitement in your work life. Is there something you've always wanted to do? Do it!

Encourage Other People

Maybe this is a type of reverse psychology, but it works! When you encourage and motivate other people to succeed, you actually listen to yourself and feel motivated as well. Go to the business next door and talk about creative ways to keep the sales coming. Call your sister and tell her what an amazing sister she is. Encourage your favorite librarian to read a new book. Talk to your children about how wonderful it is to study history and math and put them into action years later. Put on your motivation hat and keep it on!

Feed your fire to succeed, and you will once again feel the motivation that makes your business a great asset to your community.


Three Effective Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

by Guest Author 13 December 2018 06:48

Operators of small businesses promote their brand for various reasons, including creating awareness, capturing targets, and turning leads into customers. Insight into how you can market your brand effectively will result in profitability and the expansion of your customer base, even as you seek to stand out from the competition.

Here are some of the effective marketing strategies that you can consider adopting as a small business owner.

Ensure Your Website is Fully Functional

Small business owners in various industries are quick to join local business networking groups, but they include details of their non functional websites in the list of the membership directory of that specific group. As you join networking groups in your local area, ensure that your site is fully functional by checking whether various links are leading users to the correct pages.

Adjusting any typo errors when publishing your brand in a local business membership directory is advisable as well. Registering the website domain yourself rather than leaving the task to a web developer can also help you ascertain that your site is fully functional after its publication in an association's directory.

Ask for Referrals

One of the best ways to gain referrals for your business is through customers, and most small entrepreneurs are excelling in this area. Beyond getting referrals through your customers, you need to consider the professionals in other sectors who can market your brand. For instance, a graphic designer can talk to ad agencies and website designers to get referrals.

Linking up with other professionals and helping them understand your brand to promote it is one of the effective ways of marketing your business.

Promote What Your Customers Appreciate

Introducing your products or services in the market as a small business owner is not enough. You need to establish what your customers want to close a deal, and that is why your marketing strategy should focus on providing solutions to problems. Once customers realize the benefits of your products and services, they are willing to buy, and that makes offering solutions for customer problems a practical marketing strategy for your brand.

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