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Tips to Help Build Your Small Business Team

by Guest Author 1 May 2018 06:41

Building an A-list team for your small business is a high priority. Those who you employ become more than just employees to you. They are an extension of your brand and partners in the business. At least, they should be. You will be investing and spending a lot of time in those you employ. If you are just starting to select your team of employees, it's important to find those you work well with. Here are 3 tips to facilitate the process of hiring an A-team for your business.

Understand your strengths and weaknesses

Most employers begin the employee-seeking process by assessing what jobs they need accomplished, writing out a description, and interviewing with that in mind. While it's obviously important to understand the job description, it's also relevant to know what your strong and weak points are so that you find individuals who complement you. They can help fill in the gaps where you may be lacking.

Understand your vision

Defining and writing down your vision for the business is a first step in achieving it. Whether the mission is clear-cut or hazy, it's a starting point. This leads you to establishing certain goals that help you achieve that mission. If you want to project a certain brand image, then make it a goal. If expanding your business to include additional services or products is something you have in mind for the future, then include that in your goals. Defining your goals to future employees gives them an idea where you're headed, and it also helps you select individuals whose skills align with your goals.

Understand emotional intelligence

There is much more to good employees than just their job skills. When you work in close proximity to other employees, emotional intelligence – or a lack thereof – becomes more obvious. Emotional intelligence refers to the person's interpersonal and stress-managing skills. Even if a person is highly qualified, a bad temperament can wreak havoc in a close work setting.

Finding employees who will work seamlessly with the business is crucial for a positive workplace environment. As you bring on team players who align with your goals, display emotional intelligence, and complement your strengths and weaknesses, your business can accomplish great things.

Business Tips: Time To Consider a Larger Space For Your Business

by Guest Author 24 April 2018 06:52

As a shop owner, there are times when you need to consider that the location you are currently in is not good enough for you. Though you may not want to move your whole business, it might just be what you and your business needs.

You shouldn’t move just to move. However, there are times when you may need a larger space for your business.

  • More retail product. If you are thinking about expanding your business by selling more product, you may need more room to do so. Most retail businesses start out small and then gradually expand until they are selling everything that they want to.
  • Change of direction. You may also find your business growing in a different direction and you need a second store to cater to that crowd. If that happens, you may want to have two different stores or look for a space where they can be connected.
  • More employees. After you start to hire employees, you may need a bigger space, especially if some of them need to have their own office space. You might also want to think about having a break room for your employees to take time to relax. This will lead to much happier employees if they can get comfortable and unwind during breaks.
  • Better location. After you have been in business for a while, you might finally be able to afford the shop that you have always wanted! Treat this as a dream come true because you deserve it.

Though you may not want to move your business, there are times when it is necessary. Most people buy or lease a smaller location until they are able to afford the one that they really want (or need). When this happens, you should be proud of yourself that you have grown your business so much that you need a larger space.

Does Your Business Have a Branding Image?

by Guest Author 29 March 2018 11:08

It's a great accomplishment to start your own business, a dream come true. You don't have a boss, no set hours, vacation time when you want it, and you answer to just yourself. However, you may realize that operating your own business is not exactly what you thought it would be. Maybe you're not making the sales like you imagined you would. You feel confident in your product or service. So, why aren't the customers flooding your business? The problem may be your branding image.

What is a branding image?

Your business' brand is the sum of what customers think of your company --its personality, mission, values, culture. If you don't have much of an image established yet, then customers don't have much to go by. However, you have the opportunity to create the brand image you want.

Take a few minutes to jot down how you want your business to be identified. What are your goals and mission for the business? Do you have an image or personality in mind for your business? How do you want your business to be perceived? For example, do you want your company persona to be lighthearted and down-to-earth or do you want to promote your brand as upscale, affluent, classy? The choices are limitless.

How can I get my branding and design started?

Now that you realize the importance of a brand strategy, it's time to flesh one out. Many businesses start with a logo, which is a symbol to represent the business style, personality, and "feel" of your company. It's important to select the right logo and color scheme because once people begin to recognize your logo they'll connect it to your business. Once you choose the kind of image you want to project, you'll want to keep consistent across all platforms.

Another important element is to incorporate pictures and videos to which your customers and prospects will relate. This tells your story in pictures. Pictures and videos resonate with people's emotions. When you speak to people's emotions, then you are connecting with them on a whole new level.

Connect with us and start the journey of getting out the word about your business's brand.

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