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Back-to-School Digital Marketing Ideas for your Small Business

by Guest Author 8 August 2018 07:01

For many small businesses, especially mom-and-pop retailers, back-to-school time often translates into lower sales and slower traffic, both online and at brick-and-mortar storefronts. But, that does not have to be the situation. In fact, there is a plethora of techniques for attracting parents, teachers, and students to your small business when back-to-school season hits. Below are a few of the best back-to-school digital marketing ideas for your small business.

Back-to-School Digital Marketing Ideas

Use Social Media to Attract a Student Audience - Every marketer knows that children have a strong influence on buying decisions. They want the newest clothing trends, the coolest backpack, and who can live without a groovy David Cassidy lunch box? That said, when it comes to social media, be creative. Use photos and videos to show off the latest and greatest, from apparel to tech devices.

Create a Back-to-School Connection - Some businesses, products, and services have no obvious correlation with back-to-school, but that doesn't mean that you can't manufacture one. For example, a med spa may offer a back-to-school special as a way for moms to celebrate some well deserved "me time" after months with the kids.

Show Your Support for Teachers - Don't forget that teachers are a large group that you can target, and back-to-school season is a great time to show your appreciation for all they do. You can offer teachers special pricing on a new automobile, a special deal on a gym membership, or maybe a free giveaway. Also, don't forget that teachers will be looking for deals on educational supply items.

Add Mobile to Your Marketing - If you have yet to start to focus on mobile marketing or optimizing your website, now is a great time. All consumer trends point to mobile. Even if a consumer plans to make their final transaction in-person, they are more than likely using their Smartphone or tablet to research businesses and products.

Today's article only scratched the surface and provides just a few of the best back-to-school digital marketing ideas for your small business. Ultimately, you are only limited by your imagination. Take time to think about your ideal customer and your target audience, and create a digital marketing campaign that speaks to their needs, goals, and values. Back-to-school time has now become an identifiable shopping season. There is no reason your small business can't grab a piece of the pie.

Motivational Ideas for Business: Techniques to Stay Motivated

by Guest Author 27 June 2018 13:18

One of the things about motivation is that it doesn't just magically happen-it's something you have to consistently pursue for a long time. The following techniques are some of the best ways for becoming and staying motivated, both professionally and personally. Try them all, in order, out of order, just one or whatever way works for your needs.

Develop your goals and action plan:

To be motivated in general, it is crucial to set goals and have a plan in place to achieve them. The first thing that you can do to stay motivated is to set goals and reviewed them daily or weekly. An effective way to do this is to write your goals out and keep them in a place where they can easily be reviewed. When you write something down, the information is retained much more efficiently.

Take a few minutes and write down your goals, if you haven't done so already. After you write them down, write down a more detailed summation of why you want to accomplish them. This is your overall vision, and it should come across as compelling and exciting to both you and anyone who reads it.

Next, develop an action plan. It's one thing to have goals but if you don't have a plan in place to achieve them, you will most likely never accomplish them. Your action plan should break down your goals into doable steps. For example, if one of your goals is to make X amount more per month in sales, then one step in your action plan could be selling 20 (or however many needed to equal that X amount extra volume) more units each week.

Figure Out Why Your Goals Matter

This may seem like a simple concept, but you need to figure out why you set the course you did, or you may not feel as motivated to work towards them. By asking yourself why you want to reach each goal, you will remind yourself of the reward gained by achieving them. Using the same example above of generating X amount of more sales per month, the reward could be you get to take a nice vacation with the extra money or you can finally buy a new car.

Eliminate Negativity

Negativity is a horrible emotion that does no one any good. It's often a huge factor in why people become unmotivated. If you constantly hear negative thoughts, it's much easier to get discouraged from your plan. Eliminate negative people from your life and start finding others who have positive attitudes. This is much easier said than done, but once you do it, you will see immediate improvements in your levels of happiness automation and productivity.

Prepare for Victory

As we all know, sometimes you just don't win. Sometimes you don't reach a goal or accomplish a timeline that you have set in place. To stop yourself from becoming discouraged, you need to prepare for failure.

Try to look at failure in a somewhat positive light. Maybe you realize that you need to do something different. Don't view the failure as a total loss, view it as a lesson learned. Don't make that same mistake again in your next venture. Keep moving forward with determination, despite any setbacks that may occur along the way and eventually you'll get to your success desired.

Startup Tips for Small Businesses

by Guest Author 22 June 2018 07:18

Owning a business is an excellent idea for those considering financial independence or those planning to go into self-employment. The challenge is that most individuals start new enterprises with little or no knowledge of what to expect and what to do when the unexpected happens. That explains why small businesses hit a dead end soon after launching.

Here are a few tips to help both aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners start out right the first time and reduce the chances of failure respectively.

Know Your Customers and Analyze The Competition

Understanding who your customers are and what they need is critical for those who want to succeed in business. Therefore, you need to engage your customers and solicit feedback from them continuously as you conduct grassroots marketing. As a result, you will gain more insight on how to meet the expectations of your clients and it will help you build relationships too before launching your operations.

Additionally, you need to appreciate the fact that you have both direct and indirect competitors. For that reason, you need to analyze the competition so you can know what to expect. You will also get ideas on how you can counter your competitors to thrive in the market after studying how they operate.

Cast Your Net Wider

Some business owners start off with a niche product and a distinct vision, but for others, their path to success is not clear from the beginning. The truth is that if you have a clear plan of what you want to achieve before you launch your business you reduce the chances of failure. If you are still trying to weigh the options, you need to remain open-minded as you research more.

Eventually, you will establish a customer base after finding your niche as a result of working with as many customers as possible.

Avoid Spreading Yourself Too Thin

Most small businesses operators insist on working all ideas effectively at once, which is practically impossible. Narrowing down to the idea that works best for you with the help of a feasibility checklist is a better option. After that, you can decide whether you are up for the next challenge once your first idea yields success.

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