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Yellow Pages Sites Beat Google in Local Search

by ShannonH 26 April 2012 06:02

All local search sites are created equal, right? Apparently not.

In new research from Implied Intelligence, a company specializing in data-related services for marketers and publishers, Yellow Pages sites beat Google for best overall in leading local search sites.

Implied Intelligence crawled and hand-checked 1,000 independent local business websites in the United States, including Google Maps,, Yelp, Dexknows and Citysearch. Researchers checked for coverage, duplicated listings, accuracy of information, and the availability of information beyond business name and contact information.

The results are interesting—though not surprising. Yellow Pages sites outperformed all others in terms of low error percentages and duplicated listings. And, in terms of enhanced information was the winner.  Overall, the research proved that the Yellow Pages delivered higher quality, more accurate data than Google, Bing, City Search, Yelp and Foresquare.

Once again, when it comes to local search, no one does it better than the Yellow Pages. In print or online, the Yellow Pages offer more information than any other resource.

Pool Party Helper

by ShannonH 24 April 2012 11:59

Summer is right around the corner, and the temps are already climbing higher. Is your pool in pool party shape? If not, turn to the Valley Yellow Pages to find the perfect solution to whatever is standing between you and the cool waters of summer.

In the Valley Yellow Pages, you'll not only find parts and repair people, but you'll find all the best locally owned companies to help you maintain the clearest, algae-free pool on the block. The neighbors won't be able to resist.

And what about that patio? Ready for a little wining and dining al fresco style? Not quite, eh?

If little cracks and dingy cement are threatening to turn your summer fun into already done, find the solution in the pages of this trusted directory. With repairs made and cleaning finished, you'll be ready for whatever summer throws your way.

Add a few plants, some funky music and a yellow polka dot bikini, and you're ready for some swanky good times.

We're the Valley Yellow Pages—and we've been helping the good times roll for over 25 years. Count on us to cure your summertime blues.

Reconnect with Your Neighborhood

by ShannonH 19 April 2012 08:33

We live in a commuter's world. Social media and other technological advances can leave us even more disconnected and further apart.

The Valley Yellow Pages is a trusted resource to help you reconnect with your community. Everything you need to know about your community can be found in its pages.

Find activities for the kids, entertainment options for the adults and every type of business imaginable just by skimming through. Go ahead, take a look. Even a cursory glance can help you discover things you never knew about your neighborhood.

That park right around the corner? Maybe they offer track-out camps. The thrift store up the street? They just might specialize in those vintage aprons you collect. Looking to turn up the heat on your night life? Find the coolest martini bar in town.

So, take our advice and reconnect with your city.

Take-out, dine in, specialty car repair. Whatever it is, whenever you need it. The Valley Yellow Pages helps you find it.

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