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Three Ideas for Promoting Your Business with Coupons

by Guest Author 28 September 2017 08:53

Coupons are a great way to promote your business. They raise your visibility, and bring new customers in the door by making it easier for them to try out your goods and services. When you use them successfully, you can even turn those first time buyers into loyal fans so you increase your customer base for the long term. To make your coupon campaign successful, keep these suggestions in mind.

Target the right customers. Understand who your best customers are so you know who you want to reach. If you're like most businesses, you want to market your services based on their value rather than always having to rely on competing through discounts. Look for customers who want the benefits you offer, and write your coupon with them in mind.

Calculate the costs. Make sure you can afford what you are giving away. Calculate the profit margin, including your overhead. Use expiration dates or other limits to avoid losses that would have a negative impact on your business.

Test your coupons. Collect the data you need to make your business more successful. Use at least 2 versions of your coupon with a similar audience so you can see which one attracts more people and which one is more profitable. Use that information for developing future tests so you are always learning and improving.

To help consumers save money, Valley Yellow Pages has coupons and text message offers available through its print, mobile, and online products. Our directories help more than 15,300,000 people looking to find reliable, local business information.

Why You Should Visit San Jose

by Guest Author 26 September 2017 11:04

If you are looking for an interesting place to visit, you should come to San Jose. They are the largest city in Silicon Valley with a lot of tech savvy places to visit. On top of that, they have professional and collegiate teams, great places to eat, and fun things to do. Whether you are a tech person or would like to explore another city in Northern California, you will be happy you chose San Jose.

Come catch a collegiate game!

San Jose is home to San Jose State University Spartans and other colleges. Catching a college game is a great idea. The games are entertaining because players show their love of the game every time. The games can be intense, fun, and more fulfilling than some professional sports teams. Plus, you can watch players before they become professional athletes.

Watch the pro hockey team.

The San Jose Sharks are a team that have been striving to reach their goal of winning their first Stanley Cup victory in their franchise’s history. In 2016, they made it to the Stanley Cup Final for the first time and they were unable to get that victory. However, they are a phenomenal team and will be making a run for a Stanley Cup Championship again. Don’t miss out on a part of the Sharks history.

Get meal that will blow your mind!

There are many great places for you to eat at on your visit, however we wanted to give you a few ideas to help you make plans. Here are a few great places to consider.

Roots and Rye

This trendy spot is becoming one of best places to go in San Jose. They have amazing cocktails and great bartenders. You will be pleasantly surprised by their drink options. They can help you pair the drinks with some delicious food. If you are looking for something to try here, many people have raved about their Bone Marrow, Mac & Cheese, and Parmesan Fries.

La Foret

They are the perfect date night place. You will be seated at a beautifully set table where you can enjoy your meal by candlelight. Their food is carefully plated so that it not only tastes amazing, it looks just as great. If you want to set a date to go there, feel free to call and set a reservation.

The Original Falafel Drive-In

These guys were featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, where Guy Fieri praised their falafel fix and banana shake. The customers agree as well. They also love the top notch service there. In addition, customers love that they are getting their money’s worth of food. You will not leave here hungry.

The Boiling Crab

Full disclosure, they serve their food in bags. However, their sauces are amazing and you will not care after trying their food. They have great sausage, shrimp, and crab that is in their own special sauces. You can pair any (or all of these) with their great sweet potato fries.

Have a great time exploring

Besides food and sports, San Jose has so much to offer. Here are a couple of the fun places we recommend.

The Tech Museum of Innovation

While in Silicon Valley, why not learn more about the tech industry that runes the area. This family friendly museum is hands on! You can learn while interacting with the exhibits and your children will love that.

Winchester Mystery House

If you want to see a house with an odd history and a layout that is nothing like you have seen before, then you need to come to this house. The woman who owned the house constantly had it under construction for reasons that might not make sense to you. Want to know more? We can give you the address.

Have fun!

If you have decided to come visit San Jose, feel free to take some of these suggestions or search for more things to do on

Places to Eat Only in Northern California

by Guest Author 14 September 2017 07:43

The best part of going out of town or trying new places is going to the restaurants that you will only find in that city. There are tons of places that are area specific, but here are some of the top rated places to eat around Northern California.

LaSalette, Sonoma

After a long day of wine tasting or enjoying the sites, this is a great restaurant to go to. It is an inventive Mediterranean and Iberian Cuisine. Their specialties are seafood and Portuguese. When it’s cold outside their steaming hot meals straight from their wood oven will leave a smile on your face. They also have amazing dishes that are perfect for the summer weather.

Sam’s Chowder House, Half Moon Bay

This place is a hot spot and will often be packed, but we can assure you that the meal is well worth the wait. People love their lobster rolls, however, this is a chowder house and they sure know how to make it. On top of these amazing qualities, they have delicious drinks, including margaritas.

Tropisueno Mexican Kitchen, San Francisco

Most of the time when you pick a place to eat you will only want to go once in a day, but you might want to reconsider Tropisueno. They have a fun and comfortable taqueria during the day that serves the delicious burritos, tacos, and more. Then at dinner, they transform the place into full-service restaurant.

Madison Bear Garden, Chico

Looking for a burger that will leave you full and happy? Then this is a place for you. Their world famous food is well priced. You won’t find just any burger here, they are much more creative with their ingredients. This includes a burger with peanut butter, which might sound like it wouldn’t be amazing, but trust us, it is.

The Waterboy, Sacramento

The name of this restaurant might not make you think that it is a fine dining experience is in your future, but don’t let the name fool you. Their food looks amazing and tastes even better. They carefully pick fresh food for their dishes. If you are looking for fresh food and a great atmosphere. This is the place for you.

L’Auberge Carmel, Carmel

You will get to see a new menu often here because they change what they serve based on the seasons and what is fresh. They have a daily eight course tasting menu which is $150 per person. They also have an impressive wine selection. In their cellars, they have over 2,500 bottles of wine. You are bound to get the perfect glass of wine with your meal.

Hog Island Oyster Co, San Francisco

If they focus on one thing here, it is ensuring they have the best and freshest oysters for their meals. They not only care about fresh food, they care about sustaining the environment. This means they they care very conscious about how many oysters are there and how much they use. You can eat here and not worry about hurting the environment while you enjoy your amazing meal.

Whether you are looking for a new place to try in your hometown or you need a great place to eat on your vacation, you know have a great place to eat. If you need a place to stay or are looking to do anything else, let us help you at

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