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Perception vs. Reality

by ShannonH 29 February 2012 06:44

San Francisco may be trying to halt the distribution of Yellow Pages directories in their city but they may be doing it at the cost of those who use and value the directory.

Research conducted by Market Authority, Inc. shows that use of the Yellow Pages accounted for nearly 50 percent of money spent as a result of a direct local search for a business and that 69 percent of residents in and around San Francisco still use a printed Yellow Pages directory at least some of the time.

"This study shows that the perception that printed Yellow Pages is dead is extremely premature," said Steve Sitton, President and CEO of Market Authority, Inc. "The current perception among San Francisco Bay Area residents is that only 20 percent of consumers use printed Yellow Pages, while, according to the study, the actual number is more than three times that."

The most significant finding, however, might be in who's using the directory. Out of 1,328 studied, 64 percent of baby boomers report turning to the directory first. That's important because Boomers direct the majority of spending in the Bay Area and elsewhere.

So, where will you be when it comes to reaching consumers? If you're counting on Internet searches to do it all for you, we think that is not enough. Because if nearly 70 percent of consumers in tech-centric San Francisco still use the Valley Yellow Pages, how high might that number be in other areas?

Make sure you're reaching those who actually do the spending. Advertise in the Valley Yellow Pages and cover all your bases.

Pet Kennels

by ShannonH 21 February 2012 13:09

When you have to leave your pet behind for a business trip or vacation, how do you know who to trust? Pets are cherished members of our families, and caring for them is a big responsibility. Just like you wouldn't leave your child with just any old day care, you do the research before dropping Fido off at the kennel. Where do you turn?

Sure, you could do an Internet search for kennels, but how do you know who's really trustworthy? Do a bunch of random quotes from perfect strangers satisfy your requirements? Probably not. More likely you're looking for someone with years of experience and a history of delivering quality care for your four legged friends.

That's where the Valley Yellow Pages can help. Our advertisers include lots of important information in their ads—years of experience, specialties and location are only a few of the quantifiers you may be looking for. You might need someone who allows early morning pick-ups or drop-offs, or you might need someone who specializes in reptiles.

Your needs are endless. Don't fence yourself in with an impersonal search engine.

Turn to us first, and find just what you need.


by ShannonH 21 February 2012 12:47

Looking online for a local service company can be like turning the dial on your radio—a lot of static, uncertainty and frustration.

This is especially true when you need an electrician. Anyone can post anything online, including inflated credentials and incorrect expertise.

Not so with Valley Yellow Pages. Turn to your personal copy to the "E" section, and you'll find a list of electricians. Right there at the minimum are a phone number and address, so you know how close they're located to you and how to easily reach them.

You'll even see easy-to-read ads from some electricians that feature a host of details to help you choose the best one for your job. Specialties, address, phone number, years in business, even a license number can be found in these ads.

That's not the case when you go searching for an electrician online. You can end up with results that show businesses located too far away from you, limited contact information and other results that will leave you frustrated.

When your job demands attention now, go straight to the source trusted for decades—your Valley Yellow Pages.

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