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San Francisco Tourist

by ShannonH 14 December 2011 12:01

This is the story of a tourist. A tourist in San Francisco. A tourist with a smartphone, but no familiarity with the city. One morning back at her hotel, she noticed the diamond was coming loose from the setting on her ring. What could she do? Her trusted jeweler was 3,000 miles away back home. Her phone pulled up a list of jewelers in the San Francisco area — hundreds. How would she know who to trust? But, there in the dresser, was a copy of the Valley Yellow Pages. She picked it up, flipped to "J" and quickly found one on the same street as her hotel — one that specialized in repairing diamond rings. A phone call and a walk up the street later, she had her beloved diamond ring back on her finger and was ready to see the sights.

Big city. Big choices. When you need to know who to trust, choose the only directory with the experience to bring consumers and businesses together in the easiest way possible — the printed Valley Yellow Pages.

From auto mechanics to Zumba classes, find it all and find it now. Valley Yellow Pages is here to help.


Smartphone Usage Not Widespread

by ShannonH 14 December 2011 11:54

Think everyone owns a smartphone? Think again. According to recent research from the Pew Research Center, only 35 percent of Americans own smartphones. Of those who do, only 25 percent use them for online browsing. That means that nearly 70 percent of Americans don't have access to Internet search engines when they're on the go.

What does that mean for the small business owner? If you're counting on the Internet as a catch-all for your marketing and advertising, that might not be such a smart move. Sure, you'll reach those 35 percent—at least some of the time anyway. But that's only after you've paid good money for SEO keyword optimization or a sponsored position. If not, you're just as likely to sink to the bottom of thousands of options, or risk missing the 65 percent of consumers who don't use search engines from their cell phones. Hardly worth gambling on, is it?

Why not instead turn to tried and true advertising to reach your target audience, like the Valley Yellow Pages? The Valley Yellow Pages is a trusted name in small business advertising—a leader in print media for decades. In fact, of those who do use the Internet to research purchasing decisions, nearly two-thirds will turn to the Yellow Pages as well—so it's a win-win for Yellow Pages advertisers.

When it comes to providing target marketing that gets results, no one beats the Valley Yellow Pages. From small business to large business and everywhere in between, we deliver. On every door step, in every home, choose the Valley Yellow Pages for your print advertising needs.


by ShannonH 14 December 2011 11:49

Life's messy, and sometimes things just don't go as planned. In an emergency, who has time to sift through hundreds or thousands of listings to find a local service provider such as a plumber, electrician or a veterinarian who handles emergencies on weekends?

Every day, thousands of people turn to the source that's trusted, tried and true—the Valley Yellow Pages. With the Valley Yellow Pages, consumers can find what they're looking for quickly and easily with just a turn of the page. One search tells them who's up the street and who's available outside normal business hours.

If you're a small business owner, potential clients need to know where to find you when the going gets tough. While Internet search engines are fast, sometimes they're just not fast enough.

So, when little Johnny throws your favorite watch down the toilet, the circuit breaker blows up or Fido gets sick, the Valley Yellow Pages makes life easier. We can't keep emergencies from happening, but we can help you find help when you need it most.

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