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Don't Forget About the Bride's Hair

by Steven McReynolds 23 June 2014 13:27

Bride with FlowersSpring and summer seasons remind us why California is so special. We're surrounded by budding almond trees, green vineyards and blooming gardens. This time of year is also great for weddings, and people tend to be in a more festive mood.

There's so much to plan for with a wedding: Daytime or evening? Church or outdoor ceremony? Banquet room or park for the reception? Strapless gown or sleeves? And don't forget the all important question over whether the bride should wear her hair down or choose an updo!

Take a Queue from Your Veil One way to settle the question of hairstyle on your wedding day is to choose one that complements your veil.

Cathedral-length veils Choose a hairstyle with less volume at the top. A short bun at the nape of your neck will give you a clean, classic look.

Veils paired with a tiara An intricate bun with lots of curls at the top of your head will give just the right touch of drama.

Shorter veils These veils tend to look good when hair has more volume. Try a 60s-inspired bouffant and bangs.

The right beauty salon can make all the difference! It's a good idea to find one you like and give it a try long before the week of your wedding. If you aren't satisfied with one, you want plenty of time to find a replacement before the wedding.

Fortunately, you can find plenty of local beauty salons in the Valley Yellow Pages—in print, online and mobile formats.

Choosing the right size area rug for your space

by ShannonB 27 May 2014 14:52

Ever gone shopping for an area rug, found the perfect one and brought it home, only to find it didn't quite fit? Did it look doll-size in your giant room, or did it suck up the entire space? Choosing the right size area rug for your home can be a challenge. Below are some tips to help you get it just right.

Arrange your furniture first. The pros say it's best to decide how you want your room to look first and then measure for your rug, so you get a more accurate estimate.

Keep it proportioned. For a big, grand room, get a big, grand rug. For a smaller room, get a smaller rug.

Get a leg up. Some designers say that when it comes to rugs, the front legs of a sofa or chairs should be on the rug, and the back legs off, according to But other designers disagree and have the pieces on all the way. Look at pictures to decide which you prefer. Once you decide, be consistent.

Looking for some help decorating your home? Consult the print, mobile or online versions of the Valley Yellow Pages for listings of Home Designing and Planning Services, as well as local stores that sell Home Décor.

Reuse Old Items to Save Money and Reduce Waste

by Steven McReynolds 15 May 2014 07:50

Need decorations for your home? A gift for a neighbor? Something to organize your things? Before you head to the store, take a look around at what you already have. Repurposing old items can save you money and cut down on the waste. Below are some ideas for giving used items new purpose.

Get organized. An old coat rack becomes a jewelry hanger. Empty sauce and jelly jars can stash nails, screws and other small items. Mount a tension rod under the counter to hang spray bottles. Use egg cartons to stash Christmas ornaments.

Decorate. Spruce up some old storage crates to make bookshelves. Wooden shipping pallets have a multitude of uses from storage racks to accent walls. Check out some ideas on Pinterest. Use old items to spruce up your décor. A collection of old kitchen utensils can look great displayed in a kitchen, and old skis or ice skates can become wintery accents.

Looking at old items with new eyes can help you find treasures in your home. If you can't reuse an item, consider recycling it. Consult the Valley Yellow Pages Community Recycle Guide to find out what items you can and can't recycle in your area.


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