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Date Ideas in Northern California

by Guest Author 24 February 2017 06:42

Looking for the perfect getaway or a great date? Here are some ideas that are perfect for any of these occasions in Northern California.

Midnight Mystery Ride in San Francisco

If you would like to take a fun ride through the area this is the perfect choice for you. The destinations of the rides are determined on the day of ride, so it is the perfect surprise for you and your date. There is nothing like riding your bikes around and getting to experience the nightlife together.

Boat Ride in Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Take a romantic boat ride around Stow Lake. They have reasonable rentals for you and your date. The scenery is absolutely beautiful. On your boat ride you might see turtles, birds, and more. There is a waterfall, bridge, and other gorgeous structures on your ride.

You can easily make a day out this. There are plenty of Museums and places to eat around the area.

Apple Hill

This is a gorgeous destination for any time of the year. This is a great place for photo opportunities if you want to document any special moments. This is close to the Sacramento area. That means that you can take a great hike during the day and enjoy the perfect dinner at night.

Yosemite National Park

There is so much to do in this area that you don’t want to miss out. Whether it is just a drive around the area or hiking the trails, you don’t want to miss out. During anytime of the year, you can go on some of the smaller trails. When the weather is warm, you can hike up Half Dome or the other major trails for the perfect views of the perfect date.

During the winter months you can have small snowball fight, ice skating, or just enjoy the snow that you won’t experience anywhere else in the area.

Empire Mine State Historic Park

This place has so many opportunities to create the perfect date, including horseback riding, a picnic, and so much more! This mine opened in the 1850s and closed in the 1950s. Not only will you get to make memories with somebody special, but you will also get to view years of history that was a part of the Gold rush era.

Napa Wine Tour

Ride on a luxury train from the 1900s and enjoy multiple course meals and delicious wine. They have kept amazing care of this train by having it run on its own 25 mile track. You can enjoy a regular dinner or join a part of their other themed dinner rides, including a murder mystery dinner. If you choose to do a dinner like this, be prepared to dress and act the part. It might get rid of any jitters you have about the date to have a little fun that is out of the box.

Hot Air Balloon Ride in the Napa Valley

You will enjoy your experience before and after the ride with pastries and champagne. You will get to ride above the vineyards with a knowledgeable expert. This breathtaking experience is memorable one that you and your date will not soon forget.

We at want you to have a memorable date with somebody special. If you are planning to take them out of town or need more date ideas, come visit us and we will give you the ideas you need.

Places to Eat Only in Northern California

by Guest Author 27 December 2016 12:32

The best part of going out of town or trying new places is going to the restaurants that you will only find in that city. There are tons of places that are area specific, but here are some of the top rated places to eat around Northern California.

LaSalette, Sonoma

After a long day of wine tasting or enjoying the sites, this is a great restaurant to go to. It is an inventive Mediterranean and Iberian Cuisine. Their specialties are seafood and Portuguese. When it’s cold outside their steaming hot meals straight from their wood oven will leave a smile on your face. They also have amazing dishes that are perfect for the summer weather.

Sam’s Chowder House, Half Moon Bay

This place is a hot spot and will often be packed, but we can assure you that the meal is well worth the wait. People love their lobster rolls, however, this is a chowder house and they sure know how to make it. On top of these amazing qualities, they have delicious drinks, including margaritas.

Tropisueno Mexican Kitchen, San Francisco

  Most of the time when you pick a place to eat you will only want to go once in a day, but you might want to reconsider Tropisueno. They have a fun and comfortable taqueria during the day that serves the delicious burritos, tacos, and more. Then at dinner, they transform the place into full-service restaurant.

Madison Bear Garden, Chico

Looking for a burger that will leave you full and happy? Then this is a place for you. Their world famous food is well priced. You won’t find just any burger here, they are much more creative with their ingredients. This includes a burger with peanut butter, which might sound like it wouldn’t be amazing, but trust us, it is.

Waterboy, Sacramento

The name of this restaurant might not make you think that it is a fine dining experience is in your future, but don’t let the name fool you. Their food looks amazing and tastes even better. They carefully pick fresh food for their dishes. If you are looking for fresh food and a great atmosphere. This is the place for you.

L’Auberge Carmel, Carmel

You will get to see a new menu often here because they change what they serve based on the seasons and what is fresh. They have a daily eight course tasting menu which is $150 per person. They also have an impressive wine selection. In their cellars, they have over 2,500 bottles of wine. You are bound to get the perfect glass of wine with your meal.

Hog Island Oyster Co, San Francisco

If they focus on one thing here, it is ensuring they have the best and freshest oysters for their meals. They not only care about fresh food, they care about sustaining the environment. This means they they care very conscious about how many oysters are there and how much they use. You can eat here and not worry about hurting the environment while you enjoy your amazing meal.

Whether you are looking for a new place to try in your hometown or you need a great place to eat on your vacation, you know have a great place to eat. If you need a place to stay or are looking to do anything else, let us help you at

Hidden Gems of Northern California

by Guest Author 2 December 2016 07:43

Want something fun to do that is more unique to the area? Well there are tons of things to do in Northern California, so much so that we do not have the time to list them all. However, here are five fun places that you should try and see whether it is on the way to another destination or you plan on hanging out in the area.

Mystery Spot - Santa Cruz

You may recognize the name of this place from past articles and media features, but none of these videos and pictures will compare to the experience. This is a fun place to go and see how some things just don’t make sense sometimes. You will get to see and experience how gravity works a little differently here. It’s exciting, odd, puzzling, and so much fun.

Whether you believe this is a trick or not, you will enjoy coming up with and testing your theories.

Winchester Mystery House - San Jose

In the early 1880s, Sarah Winchester was told by her psychic to move west and get a house. Then, never stop updating and constructing it. The psychic told her as soon as the construct stops she would no longer be safe from the spirits. To appease the spirits and keep herself safe, she bought a house and began around the clock construction.

How could she afford this? Well, between the money she received from her husband’s death and her mother-in-law’s death, she was making about $1,000 a day (Yes, they are those Winchesters).

This resulted into a house that is so confusing and has so many hidden rooms that people can’t even map it out. Come check it out yourself.

Mission Santa Clara de Asís - Santa Clara

This mission was founded in 1777 and was a part of Santa Clara University for a while. It’s free to the public, just need to check in with the college to get a parking pass. You will get to see inside the mission, as well as some amazing statues and the gardens around them.

Inside the chapel are beautiful murals and crosses with such detail that you need to see it in person in order to understand how truly magnificent they are.

Marshall Gold Discovery - Coloma

As you may have learned in a history class, there was a gold rush in California. In 1848, gold was discovered in the American River and people flooded in. Today there is a museum dedicated to this era. The Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park has a museum, tours, and more.

Please keep in mind the weather when planning your trip. If it is spring or summer you will want to wear stuff for warm weather and in the fall and winter you will want to wear layers.

Klamath Redwoods National Park

The most northern part of California is where Klamath Redwoods National park is home to the largest tribe, the Yurok. There are also lots of Redwood trees and salmon to view. If you know nothing about the area, you just need to go to the Yurok County Visitor Center & Amphitheater. The people there would love to teach you about the traditions and culture of the tribe there and the area in general.

Whether you are planning a long trip or just for the day, is the perfect place to go to learn about where to eat, stay, and so much more. Let us help you today!


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