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Kid's Summer Vacation Activities

by ShannonH 17 April 2012 09:37

With spring break upon us, it might seem a bit premature to start planning for summer vacation, but veteran parents know, there's no such thing as "too early."

Have you made plans for your children yet? If not, the Valley Yellow Pages is the perfect place to start. Find day camps, sports camps, overnight camps and more. Have a budding thespian? You're sure to find the perfect camp to bring out her inner star. A future Joe Montana? You'll find something for him, too.

Planning ahead can ensure your child gets a spot in just the right summer activity—and when they're happy, you're happy, right?Even if camp isn't in your future, you'll want to find ways to keep kids occupied, so you don't have to hear the dreaded "B" word—bored.Who has the best swimming pool, roller rink or two-for-one movie deals? You might never know unless you check us out.

The Valley Yellow Pages—keeping kids happy and parents sane for decades.


Like an Old Friend

by ShannonH 12 April 2012 08:26

Familiarity brings great comfort in our busy world. Home, friends, favorite vacation spots and family traditions give stability to our busy lives.

But the unexpected in life can quickly turn stability into chaos. The car breaks down. The washer conks out on a Friday. Insurance changes mean your long-trusted family physician no longer participates in your plan.

Where are you going to find stability in the midst of life's setbacks?

One excellent place to go is your Valley Yellow Pages. That's right. Here you can quickly turn to an A-to-Z resource filled with local people, places and services that can help resolve your situation and get your life back on stable ground.

Searching online is fine, but when you have a resource right there that gives you exactly what you expect to find every time, stay with it.

That's the Valley Yellow Pages—always there, always dependable.

It's Your Directory

by ShannonH 12 April 2012 08:16

Personalizing things adds a great deal of value to them. A gift with someone's name or initials on it, a sports jersey with your name or nickname on the back, a family photo printed on a coffee mug—personalization makes these everyday items much more special.

The same is true for your Valley Yellow Pages. Sure, what may look like scribbles and markings to someone else is actually your personalizing of this valuable resource.

Perhaps you've jotted down a few thoughts about the car mechanic you just called, including what he'd charge to work on your particular car. Maybe that school you called about your daughter's dance lessons had a lot to say about some upcoming programs that weren't included on their Valley Yellow Pages ad. But the information's there now, because you just wrote them down in the margins and on the ad.

See the benefit of personalization? The Valley Yellow Pages is your directory, highlighted and bookmarked just the way you want it.

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