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Vinyl vs. Digital What's the Difference?

by Richard Rummelhart 2 June 2016 07:50

Vinyl, as in vinyl records, isn’t something that routinely comes up in conversations I have with my clients, but it just so happened the other day while I was out in Reno. An attorney client of mine got to talking to me about his home audio system, a $15,000 plus system, mind you. This got us talking about the purity of audio, audiophiles, and vinyl vs. today’s digital media. He said he often enjoys the sound quality of his vinyl record more so than anything he hears from the internet, satellite (garbage sound, he says), or CD.

Now, I have heard anecdotes of this from time to time and it really seems to be a very common theme out there-- that vinyl really stands out for the audio aficionado. I am a gen Xer, in the middle of the spectrum for our group, and so I’ve listened at one point or another to the different formats-- from the vinyl of my parents’ collections, 8- tracks,  cassette tapes, CDs, and today’s digital variety of streaming, mp3, and satellite.


I’ll tell you a secret, I can’t say I ever noticed much difference! Today’s music sounds pretty good to me on my $500 home theatre set. I remember the stuff my Mom and Dad would play on the record player sounded great, too. Ok, so I’m a novice and my sound system is a far cry from $15,000 (maybe one day that attorney client will invite me to come witness just what kind of sound the equipment produces) nor do I have a vinyl collection today or the desire to invest in a record player—which, by the way, can get expensive; check out these sites showing turntables that retail up to and above $10,000: So as you can see, I am not doing any scientific experimenting here, but I would like to hear from you. Leave a comment about what you think about vinyl vs. digital? Let me know if you’re an audiophile and what you use as a basis of comparison. 

Gilroy Garlic Festival, July 29-31!

by Imad Najjar 14 April 2016 14:16

The Gilroy Garlic Festival AKA ‘Summer’s Ultimate Food Fair’ is an incredible Festival to attend if you plan to be in the Bay Area during Summer time, towards the end of July. Founded in 1979, this event is hosted by over Four Thousand of community volunteers who have raised millions of dollars to aid local schools, Charities, and non-profit organizations. The Festival is held at Christmas Hill Park in Gilroy, about 30 miles South of San Jose, off Highway 101. Plenty of signs are placed on Highway 101 to direct you to the event during the Festival dates.

The festival is held in a outdoor park mostly grass with some compact dirt and asphalt walkways. You should plan on wearing comfortable shoes, dress in layers for the morning hours, and anticipate Super warm weather (98+) during late mornings and afternoons. Sun protection, sun screen, and sunglasses are highly recommended.

    Some of the items presented:
  • Garlicky Food from Gourmet Alley
  • Free garlic ice cream
  • Flame- Ups
  • Garlic Cook
  • 100 Arts and Crafts vendors
  • Wine Pavilion
  • Garlic Mercantile Shops

Although festival is held outdoor, no pets are allowed!

Visit: for additional information.

Have fun!

The Month to Think Taxes and Future Finances

by Guest Author 11 April 2016 07:46

In addition to spring showers, the month of April also brings the legality of having to file tax returns. While there's not a lot of joy in preparing these forms, it does give you the opportunity to get your financial house in order.

The perfect resource to assist you in finding a local business to prepare your taxes or help you determine your financial goals is your Valley Yellow Pages directory. Almost 5 billion references are made to the Yellow Pages each year, with over 63% making a contact, visit or purchase after a search.

Look under the Tax Return Preparation Services or Tax Consultants headings to find companies that service both individuals and small businesses with their tax and accounting needs.  If you need assistance in resolving a tax issue, you can find nearby companies under the Tax Consultants to aid you in finding a solution.

Once your taxes are filed, it's time to breathe a little easier and start thinking about your financial future. Peruse the Financial Planning Consultants heading for a personal discussion with an expert on your current status and future financial goals.

Look under Charitable Organizations section to consider making donations for tax write-offs. Also, if you are like a lot of people and need to get a handle on your credit card spending, contact a local business under the Debt Consolidation or Debt Adjusters headings that will work with your creditors to repair your credit and get you back on your feet in no time.

The Valley Yellow Pages directory has all the local tax and financial businesses you need in one place. If you're one of the lucky taxpayers that will receive a tax refund, you can look under the Investment Advisory Service heading to invest your windfall or take your family out to eat at a new place under the Restaurant headings.


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