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A Valentine’s Day to Remember

by admin 4 February 2016 09:19

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and men you don’t want to get caught sneaking out first thing in the morning trying to find flowers and candy because you forgot. Luckily Valley Yellow Pages has you covered, just sit back and let us plan the perfect day for you.

Not everyone is gifted with talents in the culinary arts, but that’s ok, taking them out to a nice breakfast/brunch can be just as impressive as presenting breakfast in bed. No mimosa's for you though, you still have work to do.

After a nice relaxing meal, what better way to show you care than dropping that special someone off at a spa where they can spend the day getting pampered in a way not many of us are equipped to do, make sure they take evening wear to change into, after all you will be going to dinner, but more on that later. This, also give you plenty of time to make sure the rest of the day goes as planned. For starters, nobody wants to come home after a day of pampering to messy house, so take some time and tidy up a bit, or better yet get someone else to do it for you. Bring in a cleaning service for the day, there’s no shame in it. Besides you still have work to do, and it’s the thought that counts, right?

Your significant other is being pampered and your house is being cleaned, you can now take a few minutes to double check your dinner reservation, or make one if you like to live life on the edge and wait until the last minute.

Still have some time before the spa day is over? Nothing says you care more than NOT wearing the same sport jacket you’re worn to every “fancy” event for the last ten years. A new suit and a hair cut shows that you care enough about them to take care in how you present yourself when you’re with them.

Finally it’s time to pick them up and what better way could there be than to have a limousine waiting as they leave the spa. At this point you can now relax, the hard part is over and the perfect day has gone off without a hitch. Sit back pop the cork on a bottle of champagne and present the jewelry you painstakingly pick out…

You DID remember the jewelry, right?

Noses are getting red and presents are getting wrapped let’s get into the jingle of the holidays.

by admin 15 December 2015 09:16

In this exciting, chilling weather it is the season for full bellies and long gatherings so it’s time to glamorize our gratitude by showering your friends, family and yourself with special surprises from your local Gift Shops. It’s the season for those special occasions which are upon us so find your local Beauty Salon & Servs or Barbers to get an appointment for your new Hair Cutting & Styling before heading to your favorite Boutiques. Afterwards, you can treat your family and friends to one of your preferred Restaurants and while you’re waiting to be seated you can sip on a nice warm cup of hot chocolate with whip cream or coffee to keep you warm. Don’t forget that you can save yourself time and money if you cut out a Coupon that you can use towards many purchases from your local business owners. Why not splurge this year and head over to your Tourist & Sightseeing Information & Attractions businesses to purchase a family package that will add some adventure to your celebration extravagance this year. This is the year to spoil yourselves at the end of the day at one of your exquisite Day Spas before heading back home. In the meantime, your local Meat Markets are stocking up for this season so make a quick stop to pick up your order. Lets enjoy the holidays this year by getting into the jingle of the bells that are ringing each day.

A Small Narrative About Alzheimer's

by admin 9 December 2015 09:21

The Alzheimer’s Foundation of Central California is a 501C3 organization whose mission is to provide Educational and Supportive Information to patients and families suffering with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementias.

Educational information about the disease and the progression is essential as well as services within the local community that can assist with proper care for the patient as well as the caregiver. Alzheimer’s is a very long and debilitating disease usually 10 to 15 years from diagnosis to death and causing serious stress on families and caregivers.

The Foundation also provides referrals to services within the local areas of service encompassing Merced County, Madera County, Fresno County and Tulare County of the state of California.

The Foundation provides monthly supportive-educational forums for the benefit of local families. The Foundation receives many referrals from physicians, discharge planner and assisted living and skilled nursing facilities. There is never a charge for any services offered by the Foundation.

The Alzheimer’s Foundation of Central California does not receive any government funding. All services are provided by private donations and fundraising

Currently there are approximately 5 million diagnosed cases of Alzheimer’s disease in the United States with approximately 15 million diagnosed cases by the year 2025. This disease effects our senior populations that are usually on very limited income and many times with limited access to the information provided by the Foundation.

Alzheimer’s Foundation of Central California
P.O. Box 3438
Pinedale, CA, 93650

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