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Suisun Valley- The “Jan Brady” of Wine Country”

by JEB 13 June 2016 17:25

You have heard it before “Napa Napa Napa, Sonoma Sonoma Sonoma” great wine regions in the state and now a tourist destination for all who come and deservedly so. But what you may not know that just over the Atlas Peak Mountain is a rich and growing wine region east of Napa. When I talk to fellow wine tasters, they are shocked to what I am about to say. THEY HAD NO IDEA!

Yes I am talking about the great Suisun Valley in Solano County “ The Rustic Wine Country” It is a little secret that is getting out.

This region has been making wine since the late 1800’s and now has come into its own since creating the Suisun Valley Vintners & Growing Association in 1982 It has a wide range of wine styles and varietals that would challenge some of the premier wines of Napa and Sonoma but for the fraction of the price. Blue Victorian and Vezer wines are some of the most premier wines in the valley with bottles running $35-$90 dollars a bottle. Yet while at the Suisun Valley Co-op, 5 local vintners offer you a taste of all their wines for no fee and their cost is $14 - $30 a bottle. Sometime they have specials going on that you can take advantage of. More and more tasting rooms are opening up every year. Wooden Valley (longtime winemaker) has Foodtruck Fridays so you can pair wines with gourmet foodtruck cuisine.

If wine is not your interest, no worries, the Valley has an unique area called Mankas corner where you can find Antique stores, Local Artist gallery, place to picnic with supplies from the Vezer Deli, and Manka’s Tapas and Steakhouse for you fine diners. If you are looking for local produce you will find your fill along Rockville rd, from fresh strawberries to a local stand with homemade ice-cream and cheesecake. But the most popular place daily is Larry’s Produce where he has fresh produce of any kind and priced better than supermarket. If you plan on visit him be warned that he is only open between June and Dec. So before making that journey to Napa or Sonoma and fighting with the traffic and crowds, drive into Suisun Valley and visit great quality wines, excellent food and peaceful settings.

Bon Appetite, Joe

Vinyl vs. Digital What's the Difference?

by Richard Rummelhart 2 June 2016 07:50

Vinyl, as in vinyl records, isn’t something that routinely comes up in conversations I have with my clients, but it just so happened the other day while I was out in Reno. An attorney client of mine got to talking to me about his home audio system, a $15,000 plus system, mind you. This got us talking about the purity of audio, audiophiles, and vinyl vs. today’s digital media. He said he often enjoys the sound quality of his vinyl record more so than anything he hears from the internet, satellite (garbage sound, he says), or CD.

Now, I have heard anecdotes of this from time to time and it really seems to be a very common theme out there-- that vinyl really stands out for the audio aficionado. I am a gen Xer, in the middle of the spectrum for our group, and so I’ve listened at one point or another to the different formats-- from the vinyl of my parents’ collections, 8- tracks,  cassette tapes, CDs, and today’s digital variety of streaming, mp3, and satellite.


I’ll tell you a secret, I can’t say I ever noticed much difference! Today’s music sounds pretty good to me on my $500 home theatre set. I remember the stuff my Mom and Dad would play on the record player sounded great, too. Ok, so I’m a novice and my sound system is a far cry from $15,000 (maybe one day that attorney client will invite me to come witness just what kind of sound the equipment produces) nor do I have a vinyl collection today or the desire to invest in a record player—which, by the way, can get expensive; check out these sites showing turntables that retail up to and above $10,000: So as you can see, I am not doing any scientific experimenting here, but I would like to hear from you. Leave a comment about what you think about vinyl vs. digital? Let me know if you’re an audiophile and what you use as a basis of comparison. 

First Major Gift for Storyland – Playland Kicks-Off Matching Fund-Drive Campaign

by admin 15 May 2015 11:57

(FRESNO, CA.) The new Storyland / Playland board announces its first major donation, thanks to an anonymous donor who is giving $200,000 as a matching gift towards reopening the parks.

The gift carries a challenge for the community to also give $200,000, which would ensure the board has over half of the $850,000 needed to not only bring Storyland / Playland back to life, but create a sustainable future for the parks that the community can be proud of.

The matching fund-drive campaign kicks-off today, May 13, 2015, and will continue until the much needed funds have been raised.  The board hopes to acquire the money as soon as possible to start investing 100% of it back into the park repair, rejuvenate and rebuild attractions, restrooms, landscaping and more.

“We’re extremely appreciative of this generous donation from one of our local community members,” said Scott Miller, chair Storyland / Playland, has been undeniable and our hope the community takes advantage of this amazing opportunity.  We’ve made great strides towards our reopening efforts, but still have a long way to go and every dollar helps us get there that much faster.”

This matching fund-drive marks the second major effort to save Storyland / Playland.  Just last month the Valley Yellow Pages donated the cover of its newest edition to encourage recipients to give by including a return envelope with each directory.  Sin then, Storyland / Playland has received nearly $40,000.00 in donations.

“We couldn’t be happier to have helped kick-start the fundraising efforts for reopening Storyland / Playland,” said Sieg Fischer, chief executive officer of Valley Yellow Pages. It’s important that businesses, organizations and the entire community come together to help save the parks so we ensure they will be around for the kids and families to enjoy for the years to come.”

Thanks to the community’s support, improvements to the parks have already begun.  A local vendor has been selected to begin repairs on the train and the landscaping enhancements are underway.  The board is looking forward to its ongoing outreach efforts, continuing to improve both parks and ultimately, reopening one of the Valley’s most treasured attractions.


For more information and to donate, please visit or call 559 486-0516

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