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Six Things That Will Set Your Business Apart in the Customer Service Arena

by Guest Author 11 June 2019 08:28

When it comes to managing Customer Service, there are things that you should do, and things that you must do. Here are six such "musts" which will set you apart from the other customer service centers.

Provide a Contact Number or Email

Providing a way that your customers can contact you in a timely manner is crucial to your customer service needs. By ensuring that your customers can reach you through several different methods you are making the company more accessible. There are several times that I have had customers ask me if I have a weekend on-call staff, and at first, I did not. But after a few times of hearing this question, I realized that providing a weekend on-call staff was placing my business a step above the rest. This gave me an advantage above other companies in competing industries. By providing weekend access to a customer service representative you are ensuring that someone will always be there to care for the customer's needs.

Help the Customers with Their Problems Efficiently

Working with the client to alleviate their problems without hindering the bottom line of the company is a huge responsibility that the customer service team must take on. If the customer is always right, then providing an effective service model that will help the customer service representation alleviate the client's concerns efficiently is critical to your success.

Train the Right Staff

Maintaining a professionally trained staff who is ready and willing to help clients with their needs is a necessary component to having an efficient customer service line. If the staff is not trained to handle all situations, then they will be considered inadequate to handle the customers' needs and this could cost your business in the long run.

Be Responsive

By guaranteeing a 24-hour business day turnaround time for emails and follow-ups you are creating a method that will retain even the unhappiest customers. When you give a quick response and result to the customer's complaints they feel as if you are listening to them and genuinely care about their business. Most customers want to feel like they are your only customer. By providing this guarantee you are treating them like they are your one and only customer.


Gain Insight Into How Your Customer Service is Doing

Use the time that clients are on the phone to ask for feedback from them. Then utilize that feedback to make changes to your business model and customer service center. This feedback is the way that your clients will tell you what you are doing right and what you need improvement on. This creates a dialog and shows the customers that you care about their opinions.

Show the Customer Respect

Showing respect to your customers is a great way to retain their business. This can be something as simple as saying "Thank you" and "You are Welcome." Next time you are on the phone with a customer service representative listen to the tone and the words that they use. Are they being polite? Are they showing you respect? Do they act genuinely interested in your concerns? If you do not experience these things with them, then are you going to continue to use their service or product? Not.

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