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Summer Marketing for Small Businesses

by Guest Author 16 July 2019 10:32

With warmer weather approaching and summer in the air, the mood of the average consumer changes. For many, spring is a time to clean out things like old contacts or simply try something new. Why not take advantage and earn their business?

Achieve an Enthusiastic Mood in Your Marketing

It's time to use your email list to offer some freshened up deals to current customers and lure in some new ones. To get them into the right frame of mind, use spring puns ("Spring into savings", anyone?) and try a vocabulary that uses some key buzz words and phrases: fresh, green, warm, energy, vibes, refresh, cleaning, spring fever, and spring break. The whole point is to shake off the drab of winter and inspire them to give you a try.

Use vibrant colors in your marketing materials. If you can, match some of your deals to holidays such as Easter, Mother's Day, or Earth Day. You'll probably already know what fits best for your business, but if you're stuck, go visit your competitors' materials and see what's working for them!

Sponsor an Outdoor Event

5ks, barbecues, and Easter egg hunts are just a few of the type of spring events where you can make a name for yourself. Allocate some of your marketing budget to sponsor or donate to these events. Then- and this is important- attend the event and talk to the participants. Getting face time with your customers is a well-worn marketing technique for a reason: it works.

Utilize Outdoor Space

If your business operates out of a brick-and-mortar location, there's no better time to lure in foot traffic by displaying merchandise outside of your storefront. Service industries can benefit from hosting children's events on weekends that offer free giveaways; these are always well-attended and can be cleverly matched to your individual small business in order to make a social media sensation.

Online-only businesses can try something new: pop-up locations! When well-publicized, pop-up stores can generate interest and give you face-to-face time with potential new customers. It's invaluable and lets you enjoy the weather while making a difference in your bottom line. You never know what long term customer you might meet in person for the first time!

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