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Three Effective Tips For Customer Service

by Guest Author 5 November 2019 11:24

In today's business world, many companies, both large and small, need to make sure that their customer service practices are wowing customers and consistently adding value to their organizations. A company that fails to put a premium on high quality customer service is not only doing itself a disservice, but more importantly, its inviting undue trouble. Just to give you an idea of how poor customer service hurts business, it is estimated that bad customer experiences costs U.S. businesses $75 billion a year. To help you and your business avoid the pitfalls of providing subpar customer service, here are just a few tips that will aid you and your organization in getting back on the path to world-class customer service:


To ensure that your customer service staff effectively deals with your customers and clients in a manner that wows them and leaves them with a great experience, it's highly important that your company provide a well-designed or tailor-made training program. To learn any skill or develop any ability, including customer service, it requires a training method that is not necessarily fancy or flashy, but rather, gets results. Here, the idea is for your company to analyze your respective training needs and then use those methods that are tried and true when acclimating new recruits to the process of providing world-class customer service.


Next, it's important to chart the customer's overall experience. Doing this will help your business understand and identify the various touch-points throughout the customer's journey. From the origin of the initial sale or service experience to the customer making a decision to return a product, switch their service, or ultimately end their relationship with a company, it's critically important that you determine what your customer experiences or senses before, during, and after doing business with your company. Identifying this information puts you in an advantageous position where you can pinpoint specific sources of customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction with your product or service. Armed with this information, your company can make targeted product or service enhancements that can wow your customers.


Lastly, it behooves you and your business to personalize your customer's experience. By doing this, you can show your existing customers or prospects how much you value them. A simple way of providing your customers with a personalized experience is to remember their name and to continue to using it whenever communicating with them. Another thing that your business can do to personalize their experience is to provide your customers with special discounts or promotions on their birthday or customer anniversary. Or, maybe your company can cross-sell products and services that align with your customer's previous purchases. You'd be surprised how much of a difference taking these simple steps can make with regards to improving your customer's experience.

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