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Three Small Business Tips for Using Social Media

by Guest Author 27 February 2019 09:27

In the small business marketplace, social media is a vital tool because it has the ability to reach many people, and quickly. As a small business you want to communicate your brand's message to as many people as possible. The key is to stand out amid the rest. But how can you get the most out of social media as a small business?

  1. Schedule it Out

    To stay on top of how you use social media as a marketing tool you should schedule out when and how you use it. For example, dedicate a day when you will focus on releasing visual posts, such as pictures, live streams, etc. Also be sure to schedule out specific times of the day when you will release your posts. By scheduling out when and how you use the different social media platforms you not only allow yourself a routine that will become second nature, but you will also remain relevant as a result of the consistency.

  2. Interact with Customers

    As a small business you want to build a strong network and online presence and a great way to do this, apart from remaining consistent with your online marketing output, is to interact with your customers, both current and potential. By responding to comments in a professional and genuine way you not only are building trust, but are also showing that you care about the customer's voice. If your clients see that you care and that you are going that extra step to ensure that their experience is a positive one then they are much more likely to return, and that is critical to success.

  3. Use a Creative Lens

    You want to create engaging content to keep your customer's attention. If you are using video, make sure to keep them short. If Facebook or Twitter updates are what you prefer then make sure to communicate the most important information; shorter is always better. Get creative with how you tell your brand's story. By using a creative lens with your social media output you will stand out against your competitors and also avoid becoming repetitive with what you post. It will always be something new, which leads to better customer engagement. What whatever you do on social media, take it slow at first. Quality is much more appreciated than quantity. As you continue to grow, so will your output.

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