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Topics About Helping Business Owners: The Benefits of Bespoke Training

by Guest Author 7 August 2019 09:08

There's no substitute for experience, but training can help ensure that employees make as few mistakes as possible. In that way training is just like any other form of education; the more tailored it is to the task at hand and to the employee in question, the better that training is going to prepare someone.

That is why bespoke training is so popular.

What Does "Bespoke" Mean?

The term bespoke comes from Savile Row in London. When a wealthy patron came into a tailor's shop and asked for a suit made from a given fabric the tailor would set that fabric aside. If someone else came in and requested an outfit using the same fabric the tailor would say that it had been spoken for. This led to the concept of the bespoke suit, and in time it grew into a term referring to anything that was tailor-made.

So What Is Bespoke Training?

In short bespoke training is when a company comes up with training that's specialized for a particular student. If a company needs IT personnel capable of setting up a given kind of network technology then bespoke training would tailor itself to fit not only the particular sort of network the client needed, but the skill set personnel needed to have. The training would also carefully evaluate the individuals who are going to be trained, where they stand as far as skills go, and come up with an education plan expressly for them.

What Are The Benefits?

The benefits of tailored training are the same as that of a tailored suit; good fit, confidence, and a job done well. Those with tailored training are more likely to have all the tools that they need at their disposal, and as such they're more likely to make fewer mistakes when they roll up their sleeves and get to work outside of the classroom. While bespoke training does cost more, it's also true that you get what you pay for when it comes to the training your personnel receive.

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