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Two Strategies to being a Humble Leader

by Guest Author 10 April 2019 11:15

A business can be a really good idea. A team of employees can be excellent at what they do. Consumers might want the product or service the business is offering. But what does it take to turn these things into a successful business? A humble leader.

Humble Leadership

What words do you associate with the word humble? Lowly, meek. How about considerate and open to feedback? Whatever you are thinking, you probably don't usually put the words humble and leader together. Leaders are supposed to be in control, bossy, and aggressive, right? Maybe some successful leaders are like that. Who do you respect more: a leader who is concerned mostly about the end goal, or a leader who is truly interested in what his employees have to say? An end-goal leader can come off as arrogant and pushy. A leader who humbly listens to others in the company often has the courage and insight to run the company in the right direction.

Getting Employees to Open Up

The best way to find out what the workers are actually thinking is to ask them. Although employees may find it strange to be asked for their opinions, they will soon find that their leader is really listening and respecting them. One question a humble leader can ask is, "What can I do to help you do your job better?" After all, the employees are the ones actually doing the work of the business. If the leader can help them do their job better, he is ultimately helping the company be better at what it does. Another way to help employees open up is to hold informal meetings. Meet them over breakfast to bounce ideas around. Be chatty, but also be very interested and respectful. A leader should be aware that the best ideas can pop up anywhere, not only in scheduled board meetings.

Read more about humble leadership at Harvard Business Review. See how a leader who takes on the role of a servant can foster greater outcomes in a business.

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