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Ways That Customer Service Can Utilize Social Media to Improve Upon Their ROI

by Guest Author 16 April 2019 14:06

Customer Service is a crucial part of your business model. Without proper customer service teams, your clients will not have a go-to point for questions and concerns. Customer service teams that are trained properly provide you with a sustainable way to interact with your clients without losing them when problems arise. But with today's online market how can you scale your business to be more efficient without having to utilize service types that are outdated.

Using Social Media can Add Customer Engagement with the Brands they Love

The use of social media has expanded exponentially since it was invented. For instance, in 1997 there was no concept of social media networks where you could interact with brands in real time. However, this is the age of real-time communication with brands as well as people all over the world at any time. That means that brands should start to utilize social media for a portion of their customer service budget. This allows the company to step into the 21st century with new features that allow customers to connect directly with the businesses that they are purchasing products and services from. This adds a more real and authentic way to connect with your customers.

Twitter Provides for Real-Time Updates

By using Twitter to broadcast any recalls, or connect with your customers who have questions, you are providing a more conversational approach to the customer service industry. For those that serve customers online exclusively, you need to consider how this method of providing a customer service connection will affect the bottom line of your companies revenue. For instance, you can eliminate the on-call services that provide your customers with the immediate responses that they require while also providing them with someone that they can go to with questions and concerns about the services they are purchasing.

Real-Time Communication Becomes Easier and Increases ROI

Consider how many times you have simply wished that you could directly email or instant message the customer service team of your favorite brand. You might have just had a simple question you wished to ask, or you needed to discuss a particular concern you had with their latest product line. Whatever the concern was I'm sure you can see how using social media for customer service would increase your ROI over time. I know that any time my website is down I can simply hop over to Twitter and find out why there is no connecting to my webpage. I can also hop on over to Twitter to check on the latest reports on my sons favorite online game when he is experiencing technical difficulties.

These are all new ways that customer service is finding benefits within the social media market. Without utilizing social media for your customer service needs you may possibly be losing potential customers for those that provide a more hands-on approach to customer service.

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