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Why More Small Businesses Are Opting For VoIP

by Guest Author 22 October 2019 09:08

Small Business Tips: Why More Small Businesses Are Opting For VoIP

Businesses are always looking to cut costs without cutting the amount of services they provide their customers. It's the reason businesses invest in technology that allows them to accomplish more with less effort. It's also why VoIP business phone systems have become so popular.

The Advantages of VoIP For Small Businesses

VoIP or Voice over Internet protocol for those who don't like to use acronyms, is a phone system that uses the Internet rather than telephone lines. While the calls lose nothing in terms of clarity or strength (they're indistinguishable from traditional phone calls) they are less expensive to make. Whether it's local or long-distance, VoIP will always cost less money than traditional phone service. Private VoIP service can cost as little as $5 to $10 a month, and business VoIP service can start as low as $30 per month.

In addition to the low costs and high strength though, VoIP phone systems for small businesses tend to come with features that have traditionally cost a great deal extra. Caller ID, call forwarding, a voice mail box, and other features are quite expensive with traditional providers, but they're often part of the deal when it comes VoIP phone systems.

More VoIP System Providers Means More Customers

The real reason that more businesses are opting for VoIP small business phone systems likely has something to do with the spread of VoIP service providers. More companies are offering businesses more options, and the result is that traditional phone service is falling further and further behind. It can't offer the same service at the same low price, so if there is high-speed Internet available in a given location it's much more likely that a business is going to choose VoIP.

If is the key word there.

While VoIP phone systems have huge advantages for small businesses, if there isn't an Internet infrastructure in place to support a VoIP system then it just isn't a feasible option. That's why in more rural and unconnected areas VoIP hasn't made its mark yet. It is, according to some, just a matter of time.

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