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Yellow Pages Users Demographics

by vikkip 11 January 2012 13:55

The Internet may a popular choice in consumer search options, but print Yellow Pages directories are still holding ground, particularly among certain demographics of consumers.

Overall, total use of Yellow Pages directories remains unchanged since 2006, according to 2011 research by Simba Information, reported by the Radio Advertising Bureau.

And who's using the directories may just surprise you. Typically, Yellow Pages users are working adults, ages 25 to 65, with incomes between $25,000 and $100,000. In other words—just about everyone.

But what are they looking for? Number one on the list is restaurants, but not far behind are auto parts stores, auto repair shops, beauty salons, plumbers, and local attorneys and physicians. And research reveals that the average top heading local display ad in a Yellow Pages book results in more than 200 calls per year.

What does that say for you? If you're running a small business with a local presence, chances are your consumers are looking for you in the Valley Yellow Pages. Make sure you're there—because they are.

Multiple Advertising Strategies Work Best

by vikkip 11 January 2012 13:36

Does your small business have an online presence yet? If not, it should. A recent article from points up the benefits of building your online persona. Unlike print or broadcast, online you'll be able to instantaneously understand where your presence is most effective. Several tools exist to help small businesses make sense of who's clicking what and where, and with $24.5 billion being spent on Internet marketing, that's important.

With a limited advertising budget, it makes sense to go where the consumers are.

But don't put all your eggs in one basket either. According to the same article, 96 percent of households in America still own at least one copy of a Yellow Pages directory. That's as close to a 100-percent saturation point as you're likely to get. Meaning if you're a locally owned small business, reducing your presence in the Valley Yellow Pages in favor of a digital means of marketing could be a big mistake. "If you're a plumber, electrician, locksmith or other emergency repair technician, you can't afford not to be there," writes the author.

Localized industries, those who count on local consumers to drive business, need a presence in the Valley Yellow Pages—not just search engine marketing. Ideally speaking, your advertising budget should allow for a mix of print, digital and directory advertising to reach your target audience.


Small Business Relationships

by ShannonH 11 January 2012 10:13

If your small business focuses on helping consumers plan events—if you're a caterer or florist, for instance, or run a party supply rental company, you know that your relationships with other companies involved in other aspects of event planning are important. Often, your clients will turn to you for referrals—a florist might work closely with a caterer or an event company with an entertainment provider and so on.

But that philosophy isn't limited to event planning. All local businesses are relationship-driven to some extent. Local dry cleaners work with local tailors. Local auto mechanics might work with local auto parts dealers.

An Internet search engine doesn't know that.

When consumers search for businesses online, the companies that float to the top are likely large retail providers such as chains or franchises. Sometimes, those businesses can be miles away.

That's not exactly the personal touch many people are looking for. With the Valley Yellow Pages, consumers looking for multiple providers can narrow their searches down to businesses in the same county, city, town or neighborhood, with minimal effort.

You've worked hard to build relationships. That's part of the intrinsic value of being a small business. Let your consumers find you in the way that best capitalizes on that value—the Valley Yellow Pages.


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