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Local Search and Valley Yellow Pages

by ShannonH 14 December 2011 12:23

According to, 74 percent of consumers looking for information related to local businesses online utilize a search engine such as Google. While this is good news for SEO keyword writers and search engine companies in general, it's not such good news for small businesses looking to draw in local customers.

Why? Search engines don't really do local searches very well. By design, they're better at capturing keywords related to your business as a whole, not your business as a local entity. For instance, a so-called local search for auto mechanics might bring up shops from a 40-mile radius or greater. That's not very local, is it?

The same article notes that by 2015, revenue generated by local search will soar to $8.2 billion. How can you position your business to attract some of that revenue? By utilizing the Valley Yellow Pages in conjunction with, you'll target your marketing to the customers you want — local people, looking for local services.

Sure, you could spend your hard-earned advertising dollars marketing on Google, but you'll be casting your net far wider than you need to, missing critical opportunities to connect with your true audience. No one does local search better than Valley Yellow Pages. Whether in print or online, if value rather than volume is what you're after, we deliver.

On every doorstep and on every smartphone, we're there to help your business succeed.


Supporting Small Business - Auto Repair

by ShannonH 14 December 2011 12:20

Just because you run a small auto repair business doesn't mean your needs are small. You have an advertising budget, clients you need to serve and a reputation to uphold. You have a vision for your business. You're local, as in right up the street from your clientele — not local as in on the same continent. So, why spend good money on advertising that misses the point? If you're not located in Poughkeepsie, why advertise in Poughkeepsie? Internet search engines are great if you want to compete with the big dogs. But for targeted advertising that brings in business, nothing works better than the Valley Yellow Pages.

Let us help you design an advertisement as unique as your business, from in-column ads to full-page ads with color, photos and even coupons to help set you apart from your competitors. You know who you are — make sure your clients do, too. Whether you specialize in mufflers, brakes or oil changes, foreign cars or domestic, are up the street or around the corner, the Valley Yellow Pages is your one-stop shop for targeted marketing for your small business needs.


San Francisco Tourist

by ShannonH 14 December 2011 12:01

This is the story of a tourist. A tourist in San Francisco. A tourist with a smartphone, but no familiarity with the city. One morning back at her hotel, she noticed the diamond was coming loose from the setting on her ring. What could she do? Her trusted jeweler was 3,000 miles away back home. Her phone pulled up a list of jewelers in the San Francisco area — hundreds. How would she know who to trust? But, there in the dresser, was a copy of the Valley Yellow Pages. She picked it up, flipped to "J" and quickly found one on the same street as her hotel — one that specialized in repairing diamond rings. A phone call and a walk up the street later, she had her beloved diamond ring back on her finger and was ready to see the sights.

Big city. Big choices. When you need to know who to trust, choose the only directory with the experience to bring consumers and businesses together in the easiest way possible — the printed Valley Yellow Pages.

From auto mechanics to Zumba classes, find it all and find it now. Valley Yellow Pages is here to help.


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