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The Best Social Media Platforms for Business

by Guest Author 31 May 2019 08:42

Here Are The Best Social Media Platforms for Business

Social media is no longer just about a community of friends all over the world. Small businesses can utilize social media to promote their products. However, it helps to research which platforms would fit your marketing goals and target audience. Before you open certain social media accounts, ask yourself if you will manage them on a regular basis. You also want to make sure that your target audience uses those platforms frequently.

Young Audiences Love Instagram

If you are targeting teens, women or young adults in general, then you should develop an Instagram marketing strategy for your brand. Get started by obtaining followers for your Instagram account. Include a button on your website where people can visit your Instagram profile and follow you there. Another idea is to offer exclusive discounts, contests, and freebies that will only be found on your Instagram account. It also helps to post regular content about the latest happenings with your company.

Use Pinterest for Visual Marketing

If you're a brand that would benefit more from visual marketing, then Pinterest is the best platform for you. Create a Pinterest board for your business and then pin all of your bestselling products. Place your products in different categories and use relevant keywords for SEO purposes. You can also purchase paid ads if you turn your personal Pinterest account into a business one. If you're a graphic designer or food stylist, you can use Pinterest to showcase your best work.


Video content marketing will continue to rise in popularity, and your company would benefit from its' own YouTube channel. However, this is not recommended if you're a new business because you need time to grow your brand through other strategies such as your website and blog. If you already have a sizable following, video content marketing is the next step. Use your channel to give tutorials, customer testimonials, and to offer discounts to your subscribers.


This is essential to your business's marketing strategy for several reasons. Your target audience searches on this platform frequently, and the Facebook ads are affordable too. With Facebook ads, you can target potential customers based on their purchasing behavior, the types of careers they have, and age groups in addition to other subgroups. The Life events option lets you research people who experienced events such as weddings, funerals, births, or relocation to a new city.

In conclusion, when you use the right social media platform for your business, you will reach more people inexpensively and efficiently. Businesses can no longer rely only on organic search marketing alone. Social media marketing is a great option that will give you high returns on your investment.

Small Business Tips For Business Owners About Cause And Effect Analysis

by Guest Author 22 May 2019 07:50

Operational problems of any kind can be a plague on a growing business, especially when you cannot get to the root of those problems. Sometimes, the only way to identify and address problems that could cripple your business is through a comprehensive cause and effect analysis. If you are new to this form of business analysis, here are some things that you should know.

Detail The Problem

An adequate cause and effect analysis starts with a detailed examination of the problem itself. The problem itself is the head of the analysis chart. This should include the nature of the problem and how extensive it is. It should also detail which aspects of the business are affected and some general beliefs of the reasons why.

Identify The Causes

Gather a team of staff from the areas of the business affected, as well as some of your operational specialists. Host a brainstorming session to identify the possible causes for the problem in question. During this session, the goal is to list as many potential causes as possible, because this could help you to narrow down the actual source of the issue.

For each of these potential causes, you should also identify any of the contributing factors to each of those causes. As an example, if one of your potential causes is slow production, staffing issues, supply problems, and quality control issues can all contribute to this.

Evaluate Each Cause

Once the brainstorming session is complete, it's time to start assessing each of the potential causes. Assess each potential cause for its own severity. Rank the causes starting with most severe of the potential causes, and work your way to the least. This allows you to determine an action plan that will resolve your problems.

Create A Plan

Addressing each of these causes and eliminating them will help you to resolve the problems that are plaguing your business, and having them in writing gives you something measurable and clear to work from. Once you have prioritized the causes, it's time to develop a clear plan to resolve those issues. The completed action plan should allow you to solve the problem that is plaguing your business through each detailed step.

For more information about cause and effect analysis as well as other forms of business analysis, contact us today.

Do I Need an Inbound Marketing Plan for my Business?

by Guest Author 15 May 2019 11:31

Inbound marketing is revolutionizing the way companies interact with customers. Before, businesses had to rely solely on outbound advertising methods to reach their customers, which meant sending out a barrage of messages about the product that may or may not be welcome. It was the equivalent of the bothersome salesperson knocking at your door trying to sell you something you did not need. Inbound marketing forever changed the relationship between businesses and customers. Why is inbound marketing so effective?

Instead of companies always reaching out to the customers, customers come to you — when you have the right strategy in place. Here's how it works:

Your business provides valuable content for consumers about topics related to your industry. These topics can range from any of the following:

  • Blog posts on any aspect of your product or service
  • General education articles relating to your industry
  • In-depth white papers on a product
  • Webinars about how to do something related to your industry/product

These are only a few ideas of the type of content you can offer on your website. The consumer who is researching for information about a problem that relates to your industry will gain value from your website. As you provide helpful information, you gain the trust of consumers. When it comes time to purchase the product, you have developed a relationship with them and the sale comes more readily. Inbound marketing then is a method that draws the customer "in." Forbes puts it like this, "As brands began to see the value in creating content that brought their customers to them, inbound marketing grew."

The Value of Outsourcing Inbound Marketing

Even though, in theory, the process sounds simple, it does require a strategy to make it work. If you just begin posting any type of content with no thought for the buyer's journey, buyer personas, web design, and search engine optimization (SEO), then it is just throwing your work to the wind. Outsourcing this crucial part of your business is a good investment and is sure to bring great dividends. By outsourcing your inbound marketing you will only pay for the work that is done instead of paying a regular employee full-time, and you hire a professional who is an expert in this area.

How to Select Your Outsourcing Agency

Choosing your outsourcing agency is just as important as getting one. You want to ensure that the place you partner with is a full-service agency that is equipped to do it all. Some responsibilities of an effective agency include:

  • Developing a strategic marketing plan
  • Analysis of the competition to better position you
  • Execution of marketing strategy
  • Measure the results and adjust accordingly

Developing an inbound marketing strategy is one way to ensure your business stays up to date.

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