Community Hearing Aid Center

Hearing Aids & Assistive Devices, Roseville
Community Hearing Aid Center


Community Hearing Aid Center

755 Sunrise Av #140 ,
Roseville CA 95661
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Ed Vinson has 35 years experience in hearing health care. He began his career in research and development, assisting in production design improvements for hearing aids. After being in the field for some time, he and his wife Gail opened their own practice where they enjoyed building a successful business, helping the hearing impaired and forming wonderful connections with the community. At Community Hearing Aid Center, we help people hear better. We truly enjoy watching our customer's lives improve as we work to enhance their understanding of speech and the sounds around them through the use of sound design and amplification. We have seen how hearing loss can result in misunderstandings in conversations and if left untreated, can lead to social Isolation, and even mental decline and depression. We understand how one person's decline in hearing has far reaching effects, touching the lives of family and friends. The good news is that when a client with hearing loss is provided with the proper hearing aids, they not only hear better but also show improvement in cognitive function and social engagement. Our goal is to help those with hearing impairment in every way we can. By providing assistance through education and sound application that is designed for each particular hearing loss, we are pleased to help people reconnect with those they love.

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