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Extreme Communications

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Fresno CA 93711-6858
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Extreme Communications is a locally owned and operated company, combining over 25+ years of experience in the low voltage infrastructure industry. In the past working for large corporate telecommunication companies has afforded the owners to gain a vast amount of knowledge in the ever evolving world of low voltage infrastructures solutions. However, the philosophy of a large corporate run company ultimately led to its own demise. Extreme Communications was formed based on our desire to provide our customers with standards based, industry best, 2nd to none low voltage infrastructure solutions - all at a fair price. We believed that a more personal one on one attitude in dealing with our customers was necessary. Customer service and interaction of a small company and the idea that your problems are treated as if they were our very own, things get accomplished. What We Do: Extreme Communications specializes in the implementation of low voltage infrastructures. This encompasses the design, installation, documentation and support of all Data, Voice and Video Solutions, which are distributed via Category 5E, Category 6 and Fiber Optic Cabling Systems. Extreme Communications envisions, educating our customers and end users in acquiring the knowledge and recognizing the importance of a properly implemented low voltage infrastructure. Extreme Communications strives to provide quality standard based installations typically associated with large corporate entities. Our daily goal is to provide our customer service that knowledge a one on one, down to earth attitude. Extreme Communications' low voltage infrastructure design build services begin on paper long before a building is physically built. Working closely with the architect, general contractor and end user, Extreme Communications assures that all aspects of the low voltage infrastructure are considered. Our philosophy is the earlier in the process the better. Extreme Communications is experienced in evaluating your existing infrastructure and how it relates to current industry standards. Upgrades and or additions can be assessed.  Extreme Communications complies with all EIA/TIA standards regarding low voltage cabling installation requirements.  Extreme Communications also prides its self on the "Art of Cabling", making sure that what you see below the ceiling, on the wall and behind your patch panel is in direct correlation to what is in your ceiling. Installation practices of how your cable gets from point A to point B can greatly affect your network. There is a direct correlation between "form and function"  Extreme Communications can be considered more of a project management "team", than just a one "project manager". This method encompasses all aspects of an installation, to include the design engineer, lead technician, purchasing, and of course the customer. Extreme Communications believes this structure helps we make sure that those "little" details don't become lost data. Extreme Communications meets and exceeds all current EIA/TIA standards that specify specific testing parameters. Extreme Communications owns the latest in Category 6 Testing Equipment from Fluke Networks. All Certified Tests Reports provided to the customer in PDF Format.  Extreme Communications considers complete and accurate Documentation is the foundation of a sound infrastructure. Without the proper documentation an entire infrastructure can easily become a burden for even day to day Moves, Adds & Changes.  Extreme Communications infinite experience and knowledge of low voltage infrastructures can facilitate and expedite the troubleshooting process, helping to minimizing your companies down time. Extreme communications is also available for 3rd party sub contracting, typically used by mid-west companies that specialize in national roll outs. Extreme Communications are well versed in T1, 56K and ISDN extensions, loop back testing and on-site support. Also known as, Structured Cabling is a 'standards' based method of engineering and installing an integrated data, voice and video cabling infrastructure for your business. The challenge will be selecting a structured cabling system that will meet both current and future needs. Whether those needs indicate the use of Category 5e, or a Category 6 system, end-users should look for systems that not only meets, but exceeds the current bandwidth requirements. End-users should look for contractor with a proven track record in the area of standards compliance who is prepared to offer systems with performance guarantees that go beyond the minimums currently defined for each category of cabling system. Category 5e standard is generally accepted as the minimum requirement for current data applications.

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