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Calypso, NC Wedding Guide

Bridal Health & Beauty

There has never been a bigger day to want to look your very best.  This is the day that the most number of pictures of you will ever be taken, and the memories created you will want to keep forever. As you look back over the years, ensure you are happy with the woman captured on film and she represents the best you.

Begin early to start developing a bridal health and beauty regime that will ensure you are looking your absolute best. Don't get overwhelmed by the pressure of the situation. Developing a plan early will provide enough time to take care of any imperfections and avoid the pressure of scrambling at the last minute to hide unwanted wrinkles or flaws.

There are a number of things you can do to ensure that you look flawless. Using the information found in this section will provide tips and advice you need to ensure you have a glow everyone will envy.

Diet and Fitness

Weight Loss Centers; Health Clubs; Exercise and Physical Fitness Programs

The first step to looking great is to determine a diet and fitness plan. This will keep you energized and feeling your best on the wedding day.  Start the plan as early as possible and don't place pressure on yourself to accomplish more than what is realistic. 

Losing Weight
Most brides hope to lose some weight before their wedding and beginning a diet plan early can help accomplish that goal.  However, if you hope to achieve a dress size you've never been before, this may be too lofty of a goal.  Work toward a healthy weight loss based on an average of 1-2 pounds per week.  Count forward to the wedding date and determine how much weight is realistic to lose.  Consulting an expert in weight loss can help you stay on track and ensure you are happy with the results.

Fitness Program
To maximize any diet, include a fitness routine.  Not only will it help you maintain or lose weight, it will provide additional energy you need to keep running right up to the big day.  You will be amazed at how good you feel and smooth the planning will go if you take 20 to 30 minutes, two to three times per week to exercise.  Develop an exercise plan that is built into your wedding planning efforts.  It will help you feel less stressed and more relaxed, allowing you to more fully enjoy the experience.  As you prepare the to do list, add exercising.  This will remind you and help establish a plan to make it a habitual routine in the wedding planning.  However, if this type of discipline is more than you can muster, consider a personal trainer to lead you up to the wedding day.  A trainer will ensure you take the time to exercise and keep you regimented in your goals.  Remain focused and continue the program past the wedding date and into your life after the wedding.  You will enjoy continued health, energy and stress relief for the next phase of your life as well.

Skin and Make-Up

For your big day, make sure your skin reflects a healthy glow and make-up reveals the real you.  Don't go overboard on an extensive regime. While there many be a few things you've been waiting for the perfect time to take care of, drastic measures could alter your typical appearance or require extensive time to heal.

Establish a skin and make-up game plan that will help achieve your desired natural look and ensure your true beauty is highlighted. Develop a program that can be incorporated into your regular schedule and will not pull attention away from the wedding planning.

Incorporating a few skin care and make-up practices into your current schedule will ensure enough time to get everything in shape and you're looking your best for the wedding day. Learn what practices and steps are best to include in your plan and start now to develop a skin care and make-up regime.

Skin Care

Skin Care; Facial & Skin Care Spas and Salons; Beauty Salons; Dermatologists; Electrologists

Start preparing early to ensure your skin looks its best.  If you have the means, schedule an appointment with a dermatologist to develop the ideal routine, and discuss getting rid of any acne, dark spots, wrinkles, etc.  If developing your own plan is more your style, consider a few of the techniques below to produce a healthy glow.

  • Wash your face twice daily
  • Find a good drugstore cleanser - avoid soap that typically dries out the skin
  • Ensure the products you use include a sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher, or apply sunscreen daily
  • Develop a skin care routine that also includes moisturizing
  • Exfoliate once a week to remove the layer of dead skin cells
  • Apply any necessary wrinkle creams or consider Botox for a long lasting effect
  • Schedule routine facials for some added relaxation

If incorporating any new products into the regime, try them out well in advance of the actual wedding day.  This will avoid trying to undo or mask any negative reaction you may have to any product.

Before you begin, determine your skin type and build a program using products that work with that condition. Typical skin types include oily, dry, combination or sensitive and are determined by how much oil is naturally produced by your skin. Most women have combination skin and incorporating the right skin care products will ensure the skin remains moisturized and healthy.

Eating right and getting enough sleep play a huge role in how great your skin can look.  Wedding planning can be stressful and staying up late to finalize efforts may seem like the only solution. While you may get more done, your health and skin regime could suffer in the process. Solicit help from family and friends to take care of some planning efforts and ensure you get enough sleep. Find the time to take care of yourself and in the end, your face will reward you.  Keeping hydrated will also enhance your glow, so remember to keep up on the water.

Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgeons; Dermatologist

Every bride wants to look her best on the one day all eyes will be on her.  Photos will capture the moment for a lifetime and when looking back on memory lane, you'll want to look incredible.  A number of procedures are available to brides and grooms that can help fix or enhance a few things they’ve worried about for years.  A wedding is just the motivating event that will encourage you to do something about it.

Depending on the invasiveness of the procedure, plastic surgery is still surgery and adequate time is required for healing from the treatment.  Plan the procedure early, to eliminate lingering bruising that may carry over to the wedding day or honeymoon.

Less Invasive Procedures
Botox – this treatment will smooth away or remove wrinkles around the eyes, brows and mouth, eliminating frown lines.  For younger brides, this may be the procedure of choice as a face lift is not recommended until later in life.  Ideally, schedule the procedure two to three weeks before the wedding day.  This will allow for any reaction to the procedure, and provides enough time to heal.  There is also time should an additional treatment be required.

Collagen – like Botox, this procedure reduces wrinkles but is most commonly used to enhance and create fuller lips.  It can also be used to fill in any scars.  The procedure should be done at least three weeks before the wedding to ensure adequate time for healing and a more natural look.

Hair Removal – eliminate the unwanted hair from your face and body just in time for the strapless gown and honeymoon bikini.  Schedule this procedure at least three months prior to the wedding.

Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peel – these procedures reduce wrinkles, age spots, acne scars and skin discoloration from years of exposure to the environment and the sun.  The outer layer of the skin is removed, including dead skin cells to uncover a healthier, younger skin.  Schedule this a month or so before the wedding in case more than one treatment is required.  The procedure time is short and recovery is very minimal.  To be safe, allow a month to monitor the results.

More Invasive Procedures
Liposuction – even after dieting, some unwanted pockets of fat may remain.  Common areas include stomach, arms, calves, thighs, buttocks, hips, back, chin, and knees.  Liposuction removes these pockets and smoothes lines helping you look great in your wedding gown or tuxedo.  Plan on at least two to three months prior to the wedding to ensure bruising will have dissipated.

Face Lift:  more mature brides may opt to have a face lift to eliminate wrinkles and give them a youthful look.  This procedure is done degrees, depending on the amount of work to be done.  It is a very invasive procedure and can take months to heal.  Depending on the amount of work desired, a less invasive procedure can be done and produce similar results.

Breast Enhancement – this is the most popular procedure prior to a wedding.  Wait to order your gown until you have this procedure.  It could seriously affect the sizing, depending on the amount of work you choose.  Let the salesperson know you are planning the procedure if you start shopping for a dress before it has been done.  To allow adequate recovery time, schedule the procedure at least four to five months prior to the wedding.  Recovery times can vary and you’ll want to be safe.

No one can tell you if plastic surgery is right for you.  It is still surgery and it can be invasive, so it should be something you have considered for some time.  If the wedding sparked your interest, or someone suggested it to you, consider some alternative choices that produce the same results.

Quality supportive undergarments can provide a slender look and skin care products can make you look years younger.  Contact your dermatologist for some suggestions.  What is most important is that you look your best and feel comfortable about how you achieve the look.


Beauty Salons; Cosmetics Retail

Now that you have developed the perfect canvas, make-up can accentuate and highlight your natural beauty.  Make-up should enhance your natural features, and be as close to your every day look as possible.  Looking back at the photographs, you should not be surprised by who you see. 

Choosing a Professional
For many brides, selecting the ideal look is something they prefer to leave to a professional.  In scheduling a make-up professional, be sure to provide a strong idea of the look you desire.  Scour bridal magazines to find make-up elements to incorporate into your look. Providing a visual example will go a long way in eliminating any miscommunications and ending up with a look you didn’t want.

Do your homework to find the professional that is right for you. Work with them thoroughly and don't take the chance of getting it right the first time.  Schedule a dry run, to work out any differences or change any looks you think are not quite right.  If you begin early, you'll enjoy a peace of mind when you get it right and still have enough time to find another professional if you didn’t.  Experiment with different colors and different looks. The process should be fun and make sure in the end, you are absolutely in love with the final product.

Elements to the Perfect Look
Whether using a professional or handling the make-up yourself, consider these elements in creating the perfect look:

-Apply It DaringlyPhotographs have a tendency to make everyone look washed out.  To avoid this, be bold in your overall application. To know how much enough is, take digital pictures during your practice runs and make sure you’ve captured the perfect look. Some lipsticks look dramatically different when photographed. Experiment with a few before deciding. You may not be able to rely on the one you usually use.

-Highlight the Best:  Utilize make-up to accentuate your best features. If you love your lips or have repeatedly been told you have gorgeous eyes, make them stand out.

-Foundationally Perfect: Create a look that is as natural as possible therefore, focus on a foundation that is an exact match to your skin color. Sometimes a combination of a few shades is required to achieve the exact look.

-Waterproof, Waterproof, Waterproof: Eye make-up should be waterproof—especially mascara. Even if you typically are not a crier, expect some water works to happen on your big day. Don’t let a few happy tears leave a lasting effect.

-Go Bright:  Error on the side of brighter, when selecting colors of lipstick and blush.  Remember to consider the camera and going brighter will enhance the photographs.

-Make It Last:  Consider using a longer lasting lipstick.  Once the festivities start, finding a break to reapply lipstick will be tough.  Find a good longer lasting lipstick to ensure you look good longer.

-Back-It Up:  Prepare a back-up kit that contains all of your make-up and keep it close for touching up your look.

-Consider the Season:  Depending on the time of the year you get married, your make-up should reflect the season as well.  Stick to sheerer and brighter tones for spring and summer.  During fall and winter months go a little warmer.

-Whiten Your Teeth:  Once you have found the perfect lipstick don’t affect its overall performance with yellow teeth.  A number of options are available to ensure your teeth shine as well as your skin.  Start with your dentist and ask them for a recommended procedure.   Expect to pay a few hundred dollars for an in-office treatment.  There are also a number of over-the-counter options that perform very well.  Your dentist can offer a recommendation on which lower priced options they prefer.

If you decide to handle your own make-up, either for budgetary reasons or because it is the one element you only trust to yourself, still consult a professional for some suggestions.  Department store make-up counters can offer a number of suggestions, and planned in advance to schedule a free make-up consultation.  Bring a picture of your wedding dress and samples of your colors to give them a start in creating a dynamic and timeless look.  If you like the finished product, take a digital picture and ask them to provide a detailed paper layout of the look so you can easily duplicate it.  This allows you to take advantage of some professional advice while staying in control.


Beauty Salons; Hair Cutting and Styling

For many brides, determining the final hairstyle is as important a decision as choosing the wedding gown.  It definitely creates a major impact on the overall look of a bride.  The number of styles to choose from is endless but considering a few key elements may help determine the look that is right for you.

Stick with the Style
Like all major elements in the wedding, the hairstyle needs to stay within the overall style of the wedding.  The hair should also complement the dress, not compete with it.  How formal or informal your dress should also be reflected in the hairstyle.  Typically, a more formal hairstyle is an up-do or a chignon, which reflects a more elegant and classy look.  Leaving the hair down and flowing is worn more at informal or beach weddings and creates more of a romantic and softer look.

Search for Inspiration
Thumb through bridal magazines and search internet sites to find the hairstyle that inspires you.  Think about how it will look with the dress, how it will accent your face, etc.  Cut out the styles you like and take them to your hair appointment.  If you style your hair yourself, use the pictures as a guide to recreate the look as you practice.

Finding a Stylist
If you have someone you trust with your hair, then you are set.  If you need to find the right stylist, look for someone with experience in creating camera-ready hairstyles or has already worked with a number of brides.  Like any vendor, ask to see a book of their work, ask them for references and make sure they have the experience you are looking for. 

Schedule an appointment with the hairstylist to make sure they are comfortable with the length and condition of your hair.  Make any changes necessary to ensure your hair looks its best for the wedding day.  You may need to develop a treatment schedule to ensure the hair is healthy and strong.  Bring the pictures to the appointment. Include pictures of styles you like and a picture of your wedding dress. Make sure to also bring the veil or headpiece you plan to wear.  From there, determine with the stylist what style will work best for you.  Try a few styles before selecting the final one. Once it is chosen, schedule another appointment for a trial run to re-create the final hairstyle you want for the wedding.  The appointment should be scheduled a minimum of one month prior to the wedding.  Bring a digital camera to document the look and ensure it will be replicated the day of the wedding.

Long or Short?
The length of hair can have a big impact on the type of style you choose.  Shorter hair is often pulled back or slicked back and placed in an up-do.  Elegant clips and hair accessories can be used to pull back shorter hair and embellish the overall hairstyle.  With longer hair, the options are endless.  The main decision with long hair is whether to wear it up or down. Try a few options, either yourself or the hairstylist, to find the look that best complements you and your dress.

Keep realistic expectations if you hope to grow your hair out before the wedding.  Expect your hair to grow an average of 6 inches per year which equates to half an inch per month.  If you don’t have time or patience to wait, consider Hollywood’s answer of hair extensions or hidden hairpieces. 

Straight or Curly?
To go straight or curly on the big day is a personal choice.  Create a dramatic effect by going with the opposite of how hair looks every day.  More brides are choosing curly hair curly which creates a romantic feel to any hairstyle.  Ensure your hair is properly conditioned to avoid the dry and brittle look that often develops with curly hair.  If wearing it straight, your hair should be as health and glossy as possible.  Make sure to use hair products that round up any flyaway problems—anti-static hairspray does the trick.

To Have a Veil or Not to Have a Veil?
The headpiece has a strong influence on the hairstyle.  The style you choose should easily incorporate with a veil or tiara and not overshadow or disturb the look.  Some headpieces only complement an up-do. If you prefer to wear no headpiece, keeping it down is a good choice.

Elegant combs, headbands, jeweled clips and barrettes can enhance the look should you opt for no veil or headpiece.  Flowers can also be beautifully incorporated to soften and enhance the overall hairstyle.

Whatever hairstyle you choose, it should reflect your overall personality.  Avoid radical changes but make the look significantly different than you wear everyday.  Now is not the time to experiment—dramatic changes could ruin the look.  Any color or highlights should be completed at least one month prior to the wedding, allowing for enough time to make corrections.

Spa Treatments

Day Spa; Beauty Salons; Nail Salons

Let’s face it—wedding planning is hard work and a little pampering is deserved along the way.  If feasible, work a few treatments into the to do list to keep you energized and relaxed through out the process.

Facials:  Scheduling facials during the last few months of wedding planning ensures your face is pampered and fostering a healthy glow.  Facials treat acne, unclog pores, eliminate lines and develop a more even skin tone.

Manicures:  Don't leave manicures to the day before the wedding.  Incorporate this process into planning over the last few months leading up to the big day.  This will ensure your hands and nails are in perfect shape and looking elegant.  Experiment with a few shades to determine what looks best with your dress.

Pedicures:  Why have one when no one will see your toes?  Start planning for the wedding night and include this in the pampering plan, especially if planning to wear open toed shoes.  Scheduling a few pedicures will take care of any foot problems and ensure they are looking perfect.

Body Treatments: Including a routine Swedish, aromatherapy or deep tissue massage into the planning will ensure you are relaxed and rejuvenated. Regular massages will help to keep stress levels down, decrease anxiety, generate energy, and help you get a good night sleep. Whenever possible, schedule a massage to help you stay focused and on track with the wedding planning.

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