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Charlestown, OH Recycling Guide - Recycling Tips and Information

Charlestown, OH Recycling Guide

Charlestown, OH Importance of Recycling

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According to the EPA, approximately 75% of the trash Americans throw away each week is recyclable. Yet only 25% is actually recycled. When recycling happens, products that would normally be discarded are broken down and turned into something valuable. They receive a second life and landfills are spared the waste. Keeping products and materials from reaching landfills brings value to the environment in a number of ways. The information found in this section provides a deeper insight into why we should recycle, what benefits recycling provides and how taking simple steps every day will protect our home, our families and the environment. Learn the latest recycling statistics and find out how America is doing globally with their recycling efforts. With the amount of waste already in landfills, the problem may seem larger than any individual effort can solve. But small recycling efforts do make a significant impact and can help preserve the environment for generations to follow.

Charlestown, OH The Three Rs of Recycling

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Recycling is more than just filling your blue collection bin every week. In order to fully complete the recycling process, thought and consideration should be applied at the time of purchase and deciding when it is time to throw it away. Ask yourself: "What material is it made from?" "How long will it last?" "Is it made from other recycled material?" "Does it have any life left?" Introducing the answers to these questions into your purchasing and discarding habits will ensure that reduce and reuse become part of the recycling process.

Did you also know that there is another “R” that should be considered as well? Use the information found in this section to find out what it is and help you increase your recycling efforts. Learn what benefits each “R” provides and what simple changes you can make to incorporate them into every day life and establish good recycling habits.

Charlestown, OH Recyclable Materials

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While not everything can be recycled, the majority of products and materials we use on a daily basis can be. Particularly the packaging of most of the products we use every day. Aluminum cans, shampoo bottles, cereal boxes, jelly jars, newspapers and even your Valley Yellow Pages can all be recycled. Some materials contain toxic chemicals that, if improperly discarded, pose a threat to health and the environment. (Motor oil, batteries, pesticides, paint and paint thinners are some of those hazardous products). Electronics such as televisions, computers, cell phones, video game consoles, DVD players, etc., include toxic chemicals on their motherboards that pose a threat when sent to landfills. Visit this section of the guide to learn what is safe to include in recycling and what materials require special treatment. Knowing what materials are hazardous not only saves the environment, it could save you as well, since discarding them in regular trash is illegal.

Charlestown, OH Curbside Collection and Drop Off

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A number of cities and communities offer their residents curbside collection programs making recycling easier. Residents discard recyclable trash such as glass, plastic, paper, aluminum and steel in colored waste bins and leave them at their curb for pick-up. While not every community offers this program the total number of cities adopting some type of curbside collection program is continuing to grow. Where these programs are not available, drop-off locations may be available to collect recyclable materials. Use the information found in this section to help you determine what is available in your area. Learn what different curbside collection programs exist and what materials can be included in your collection bins. As this varies by community, you will want to verify what is accepted in your area. Also, locate drop-off centers in your area where you can take recycling if curbside collection does not accept it or it is not offered in your community.

Charlestown, OH Disposing of Hazardous Materials

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While not everything is recyclable, not everything can be discarded either. There are many everyday household items and materials that pose a threat to the environment and human health if not properly discarded. Some of these items include: electronics, motor oil, batteries, pesticides and some household cleaners. Not only are they harmful if placed in the trash, it is also illegal to throw these items away in the regular trash or recycle bins.

Use the information found in this section to find locations in your area where household hazardous materials can be discarded. Many local businesses provide disposal services and buy back programs to properly manage and dispose of hazardous waste. Learn what offerings are available in your area to protect your home and environment.

Charlestown, OH Recycling the Yellow Pages

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The Yellow Pages is a valuable tool for finding local services and businesses right when you need them. In fact, it continues to be the most popular source consumers turn to when looking to find a local business. Therefore, it is important to keep a recent Valley Yellow Pages directory on hand as it contains the latest and most updated information. And when last year’s directory is ready to be replaced, be sure to recycle it. All Valley Yellow Pages directories are 100% recyclable and it is easier to recycle than you think. Recycled directories are broken down to make many household items as well as other Yellow Pages directories; and despite popular belief, there are more directories that get recycled than end up in a landfill. The information found in this section outlines the different ways Yellow Pages directories can be recycled and provides information on how you can do it. Learn what simple steps you can take to protect the environment while enjoying the benefits of your directory.

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