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Guthrie, NC Wedding Favors, Selecting Wedding Favors, Personalizing Wedding Favors

Guthrie, NC Wedding Guide

Wedding Favors
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Offering a wedding favors to guests is a expression of appreciation for attendance at the wedding. It also shows them how much you care about their friendship.  It is not mandatory to provide guests with favors, but it is becoming a standard at most modern weddings.  Guests are often excited to receive the gift and, due to its growing nature, many are expecting it to be offered.  You may risk offending guests if you choose not to provide wedding favors.

Wedding favors come in a variety of sizes, shapes, creativity, colors, and forms. They are creative representation of the couple and should remain within the overall theme and style of the wedding. As you contemplate including a favor in your wedding, or if you already know you want to do so, use the information and guidance outlined in this section to help choose the favor that is right for you. There is no right or wrong answer so feel free to really express yourself.

Determining a Budget

The biggest reason why a couple may choose not to include wedding favors is budget.  Typically, the cost of a wedding favor ranges from $1.00 to $20.00 a piece depending on how elaborate the gift.   Multiply the cost by the number of guests expected to attend, and the price can increase significantly.  Many couples allocate only a small portion of the budget to this element and can find the budget lacking when it comes time to purchase. 

Plan early to make sure there is sufficient budget to cover the desired gift. If budget is tight, keep to the lower end of the cost scale and opt to make your favors. Depending on the budget remaining for favors, there are a number of gifts to choose from. The more you do yourself, in the creation of the favor or the wrapping of the favor, the more money you will save. Investigate a few options and choose the one that is right for both you and the budget. This is one area you don't want to have to steal from another planning element in order to include.

Finding the Right Favor
Wedding and Party Favors; Candy & Confectioneries; Bakers; Stationers; Florists; Gift Shops

There are countless options to choose from when determining the right favor. These can include anything from engraved silver chopsticks and crystal wine stoppers to customized fortune cookies or homemade fudge.  Regardless of budget, you can find a gift that is perfect.

Purchasing Your Favors:  If time is limited and budget is not an issue, consider purchasing favors.  There are a number of different websites and vendors that provide a variety of favors.  Many stationery and wedding invitation stores offer a wide variety of favor ideas. 

Purchasing from a vendor ensures the favor comes wrapped and ready for placement.  To conserve dollars, opt to wrap it on your own.  The options are countless and some are very creative.  Examples include printed candles, decorated cookies, customized mint tins, cookie cutters, designer chocolates, photo magnets, picture frames, sugar cookies with a picture of the couple, personalized wrappers for a candy bar, personalized labels on your favorite soda bottle, scented soaps, etc.

Engage either a caterer or florist to create mini wedding cakes or a single flower from your bouquet or centerpiece to give to guests.

Do It Yourself:  If budget is a concern or you love the personalized feel of a homemade gift, choose to make the favors yourself.  The most popular are homemade candy, cookies or desserts.  Perhaps your mom has a mean brownie recipe that guests would die for.  Providing a few small samples in a decorative package is a great favor for any guest.

Remember, making enough favors for the number of guests attending will take time.  Engage the help of wedding attendants to make the job go quicker and more fun.

Keep It in Style

As you contemplate the number of options, make sure they coordinate with the theme and style of the wedding.   When considering ribbons, boxes and bags for packaging, stay within the color palette.  They shouldn't clash with the colors or look odd against the decorations.

At the same time, don’t make them blend so much they don’t stand out. You can have fun and be creative with the favor and make it a representation the day.  If planning an elegant and formal wedding, a silver wine stopper with your names and wedding date engraved is a strong complement.  For a country club wedding, golf tees or golf balls with your names and date of the wedding does the trick.

Making the favor a true reflection of the wedding allows it to stand as a constant reminder to guests of the day and elegance of the wedding.

Package It Up

When you have chosen the favor, give some time and consideration to the packaging.

Make sure the favor stays within the color palette and is offered in a beautiful and elegant package. This will make the gift more memorable.

The final packaging does not have to be elaborate, just right for the gift.  Whether choosing a small brown box wrapped in elegant ribbon or a cellophane bag with a monogrammed sticker, packaging should be attractive and fit within the style of the gift. Be as creative or as simple as you like, just make sure you are thoughtful in the presentation of the gift. Use this opportunity to really express yourself and provide guests with something to remember the day.

Get Creative and Get Personal
Wedding and Party Favors; Candy & Confectioneries; Bakers; Stationers; Florists; Gift Shops

A number of brides opt for creativity versus tradition when determining the right favors.  Consider offering lottery tickets to guests or creating a CD of your favorite love songs.  Many brides choose a charitable approach and donate the funds to a favorite charity in the name of their guests.  If planning a tropical honeymoon, a pair of flip flops or suntan lotion is an ideal fit. 

Brides who planned their wedding at a vineyard offered a small bottle of wine with a custom label including the date of the wedding and the couple’s monogram.  If you love to garden, consider a package of flower or vegetable seeds in a flower pot.  Whatever creative option you choose, personalize the gift.  At minimum it should include your names and the date of the wedding.  It can also include pictures, favorite poems, personalized messages, monograms, the name of the guests, etc.

Passing Them Out

There are a variety of ways to get favors into the hands of guests.  The most traditional and popular way is to place them on the table at their assigned place setting.  It can be placed either directly on the plate, on the napkin or at the top of the setting.  If you place them on the table, make sure they complement the decoration.  You do not want them to look too out of place or awkward.  If the favor is small, attach it to the placement card to give a more personal feel.

Perhaps you prefer a personalized delivery and would like to handle it yourself.  Hand out the favors to guests on their way out of the reception.  This allows you to personally say good-bye and thank them in person.  If there are too many guests and limited time to personally thank each one, have them hand delivered by the waiters before or after the meal or between the courses.  The wedding party can also take your place at the door and personally hand the gifts to guests as they leave.

It is also customary to have a designated table for the favors with a note indicating thanks and appreciation to guests.  The choice is yours.

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