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Zebulon, NC Tips and Information on Recycling the Yellow Pages

Zebulon, NC Recycling Guide

Recycling the Yellow Pages
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Recycling outdated Yellow Pages is an important step in helping protect the environment. As these directories are 100% recyclable, outdated Yellow Pages are recycled and used in a variety of other items such as home insulation, roofing materials, grocery bags, cereal boxes, paper products and of course, to make new Yellow Pages.

Every Valley Yellow Pages directory is 100% recyclable, even the plastic bag that surrounds it ensuring it arrives clean and undamaged. The pages are also bio-degradable.

Recycling your Yellow Pages is easier than you think. Below are a few ways you can recycle or use an outdated directory.

  1. Roll-out curbside bin.Curbside Delivery – If your area provides a blue recycling can or bin, recycling the Yellow Pages is as simple as dropping it inside.

  2. Recycling Centers – Many local recycling drop-off locations accept Yellow Pages directories. For a list in your area see our Recycling Guide.

  3. Create Compost – Instead of sending the directory away, the pages can be shredded and used as compost to keep the weeds away.

  4. Pack Them Up – Instead of using packing peanuts, crumple or shred the pages to be used as filler when moving or mailing a package.

Directory Lifecycle

Every step of the directory lifecycle includes efforts to ensure the directory is environmentally responsible.

VYP Directory Lifecycle

Recycling the directory when it is outdated helps protect the environment, and is used in the creation of other directories and many household items. Despite popular belief, a majority of phone books are recycled and do not end up in landfills.

Fact According to the EPA, directories comprise of only 0.3% of the municipal solid waste stream, as compared to 3.5% and 2.2% for news print and regular mail respectively. (U.S. EPA, 2008)

Directory Opt-Out

If you prefer using the Valley Yellow Pages in a digital format or choose not to receive a printed directory, your name can be removed from our distribution list by simply visiting the link below.

Valley Yellow Pages cares about the communities we serve and listens when residents provide feedback. We do not believe it is good business to deliver directories to individuals who don’t want to receive them. Let us know if you prefer not to receive a directory and we will update our records immediately.

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