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Zebulon, NC Wedding Guide

Wedding Transportation

As part of the wedding planning, make sure you have a way to get to where you need to go.  This requires transportation planning.  Everyone needs to be present and accounted for, and in the exact place they need to be.  Develop a plan ahead of time to eliminate any last minute scrambling for a ride or cause events to start late and rack up costly overtime fees.

While this element of the planning is not as glamorous as the bridal gown or cake design, it is an important consideration and one where you can get creative. Determine how stylish you want to make the big arrival? Should you arrive alone or with the full wedding party? Is elegance and formality more the style or do you prefer a more party type feel?

Answers to these questions are a start to determining the transportation plan. Style can sometimes mean higher costs so be sure to consider the budget as well. Use the guidance and advice found in this section to ensure everyone has a ride and makes it to the church on time.

Basic Considerations
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In determining the method of transportation, do your homework to ensure you travel in style but don't empty the pocketbook in the process.

Start Planning Early:  While this may be one of the last things considered in planning, don't leave it to the last minute.  This is the one area where, depending on the time you marry, you will be in competition to secure the ride you want.  Secure your transportation needs at least 6 months in advance.  If planning a wedding in the spring or early summer, you will be contending with prom goers for the optimal ride.  Securing transportation should then take place at least a year in advance.  If you can avoid booking during prom months, it could save money.  Limousine services increase their rates as much as 30% during prom season.

Who Needs a Ride:  Before looking into costs, determine how many people need a ride.  The traditional count includes you and your groom, the wedding party, both sets of parents, siblings outside the wedding party, grandparents, and out-of-town relatives.  You are not responsible to provide rides for everyone listed above, but follow up to ensure they have transportation coordinated to get them where they need to go.

The Wedding Couple:  Transportation for the two of you is the most critical in your planning.  Determine how you will arrive to the ceremony, how you will arrive at the reception, and how will you make your grand exit.  A limousine is the traditional mode of transportation, but the options are endless.  Do you want a stretch limo with all the special features or is a horse drawn carriage more your style?  If both options appeal to you, choose them both.  If you would like to arrive with your father in an elegant Rolls-Royce, travel to the reception in a classic Lamborghini and then leave at the end of the night on the back of a Harley-Davidson, the choices are up to you.  Budget plays a determining role but if your personality and style want to have fun with wheels, go for it!

The Wedding Party:  Options for the wedding party can be simple or elaborate, or dictated by the budget.  A stretch limousine holds anywhere from 8 to 10 people and provides a fun atmosphere to make the day memorable.  Opt for a SUV Hummer limousine that holds the entire party, including you and your groom and you can travel together.  These types of limos cost more but cutting down on the number you’ll need to rent can save money in the long run.  A more simple approach is renting Lincoln town cars, especially if the drive time to the reception is only ten minutes away.

Parents and Extended Family:  Depending on the number you need to include, a separate limousine can take care of parents and extended family.  Decide if you want both the bride and groom’s family to ride together, or in separate cars.  Showcase the parents by having them travel in a Bentley or Rolls-Royce.  Providing rented transportation for the extended family, and how much style they travel in, will be up to you.  If you have a small family, they may fit in one car. If the family is larger, they may opt to travel in their own cars to conserve budget.  Perhaps renting a 15 passenger van will do the trick.  Make sure you are aware of how they will arrive at each destination and that they know their transportation plans, ensuring everyone is on time and no one gets lost. 

Out-of-Town Guests:  For those who have traveled to the wedding, extend transportation consideration.  The degree of consideration can vary, and if you have 30 to 40 people to account for, consider renting a bus.  Because they are unfamiliar with the area and they may decide to partake of the bar service provided, make sure they have a ride to and from where they need to be.  A simple plan can have them carpool with other families or friends attending the wedding.  Or work with them before they arrive to secure a rental car so they have travel accommodations the entire time they are in town.

Map It Out:  Make sure that those driving have a detailed map and schedule of where and when they need to be somewhere.  Hired drivers should know the exact locations of where they need to be and when.  Pad pick up times by as much as 20 minutes to ensure you arrive on time.  Also consider the time of day you will be traveling, and factor in traffic time so guests are not left waiting.

Call Several Vendors:  Once you determine the number to transport, the style of ride, and the time schedule, start comparison shopping.  Call several vendors to request quotes and price out creative transportation choices (how about a hot air balloon?).  Obtaining multiple bids to choose from allows you to maximize the budget and ensure you are getting the highest value.  Most limousine services require that a minimum number of hours be purchased and many car rental services don’t rent by the hour.  Factored this into the final decision.  It may be exciting to arrive in total luxury, but if travel time is less than 30-45 minutes total, it may not be worth the expense.  Once the list is narrowed to a few rental companies, go in and talk to them in person.   Just like any vendor, a face-to-face meeting goes a long way in ensuring the value and service you deserve.  As you talk to them, investigate the following:

  • How long has the company been in business?
  • Do they own the cars they are renting?
  • How many different cars are available? Sizes, colors, etc.?
  • What is available on the wedding date?
  • How new are the cars in their fleet?
  • Is it possible to rent the cars on an hourly basis?
  • What insurance do they offer?
  • How often do they service their vehicles?
  • Do their prices include gratuity?
  • Is their business fully licensed? Ask to see the license.
  • What special features do they offer with their rentals? Champagne service, bar, red carpet, etc. Are they included or is there an additional charge?

Ask for Wedding Specials: Many car and limousine rental services have wedding packages that help keep costs lower and provide special extras for the wedding couple. Ask for them in advance and see what special package you can negotiate. Don?t be afraid to try and work with them to get the price you need.

Meet with Your Drivers: Ask to meet with the exact driver who will be driving you and run through the expectations of the day. Discuss your planned wedding attire and theme for the wedding and discuss what they plan to wear. Ask to see the actual car you will be renting before you sign the contract. Ensure it is what you expect what you want.

Parking: Don't forget that people will need to park. Make sure that both the ceremony and reception locations have adequate parking for the number of guests invited. If you prefer to include valet parking, check with the venue manager to see if this is something they can provide and if they also provide the staff. If they do not provide it, hire the staff on your own. Parking valets cost roughly $25 per hour and three to four valets are required for every 50 guests.

Keeping Costs Down
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A number of cost saving methods can be utilized to keep the budget in line.  Transportation can be as lavish or as frugal as the budget allows.  The options are wide open, and employing a few cost saving methods will still allow you to arrive in style.

Share a Ride:  Ask friends and family to provide rides for out of town guests.  Offer to cover their gas and present them with a gift to show your appreciation.

Package It Up: Choose a transportation company that offers a wedding package. Utilizing multiple services from one exclusive vendor can provide significant savings. Make sure to ask upfront about this option.

Minimize the Number of Rides:  Keep the rental rides to a minimum by only paying for the ride from the ceremony to the reception.  Get the best man to take you to your hotel after the reception and limit the number of cars you are paying for to just sit around.  Ask your wedding party and family to provide their own rides, but make sure you are aware of how they will be arriving and with whom.

Hire Parking Attendants Verses Valets:  Depending on the size of the guest list, have parking attendants show guests where to park versus valets to actually park the cars.

Skip the Stretch:  Pass on the stretch limo and go for the town car instead.  Stay away from the bells and whistles inside the car and just keep it simple.

Take a Walk:  If the distance between the ceremony and the reception is minimal, opt to take a walk, or better yet, strap on some roller blades and cruise on over.  Either method will help cut down on costs and provide some quality alone time with your new spouse.

Get It in Writing

To ensure you are getting what you pay for, make sure everything is in writing and accounted for before you sign.  The more details that are included upfront, the greater protection you have from unexpected fees. Make sure the contract includes:

  • Names, dates, times, and contact information.
  • Pick-up and drop-off times and locations.
  • Number of hired hours, costs for waiting periods and total vehicles provided.
  • List amenities within each vehicle and the number of traveling passengers.
  • Detail the final costs, including mileage and gas and payment schedule.
  • Specify the make of car, color and name of chauffeur.
  • Include charges for overtime fees and gratuity.
  • Identify the cancellation policy and what refund would be available.

For alternative transportation other than limousine or rented car, adjust the above details as needed. Considering these items will save you time, money and eliminate hidden fees.

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