Privacy Policy

his privacy policy pertains to the website and mobile applications owned by AGI Publishing Inc. dba The Buy Local Media Group,, and Valley Yellow Pages ("AGI," "we," "us," or "our"). AGI respects your right to privacy. AGI's website and mobile applications are not configured to track, collect, or distribute your Personally Identifying Information. Personally Identifying Information means a name, home or other physical address, email address, telephone number, social security number, or any other identifier that permits the contacting of an individual.

Our web servers do gather aggregated general usage statistics, including: statistics about the number of hits and visits to and within our website and mobile applications, the types of devices being used, the users' Internet Service Providers, and other information relating to the users' operation and interactions with our website and mobile applications. This statistical information is gathered and analyzed in the aggregate for all users, rather than on an individualized basis, and does not include Personally Identifying Information. We may also collect information about your geographic location in order to provide certain content. We also use cookies (which do not collect or reveal Personally Identifying Information) for the purpose of providing you faster and easier access to our website and mobile applications content. Cookies also help us gather information regarding traffic patterns to the website and mobile applications. All of the above statistics and information are gathered to help us improve the performance of the site and applications, in hopes of providing the user with the best possible experience.

AGI may receive and store your Personally Identifying Information if you choose to email it to us. If you send us an e-mail containing a request or concern, the e-mail may be forwarded internally to the appropriate department within our company that can best handle your request or concern. If your request or concern pertains to services provided by a third party vendor, your email may be forwarded to the vendor for the purpose of assisting us in handling the request or concern. If you are a customer or potential customer and choose to email us, we may, either directly or with the assistance of a third party vendor, send you email advertisements in the future. However, when you receive such an email, you may opt out of receiving any further email advertisements from us. AGI may also disclose Personally Identifying Information received by email to third parties if we have a good faith belief that it is: 1) required by law, 2) necessary to assist us in participating in any legal process, and/or 3) necessary to assist us in exercising our legal rights. However, AGI does not sell or rent any Personally Identifying Information received by email.

Finally, if you submit customer reviews of the advertisers on our website and mobile applications or comments in response to blog posts, we may (but are not obligated to) share with the public any information you submit.

AGI will update and modify this notice in the event its practices change.