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Murrays Countryside Insurance Services

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Murrays Countryside Insurance Services


Murrays Countryside Insurance Services

4110 Datsun Ct Ste A ,
ShingleSprings CA 95682-9559
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3 Reasons to Get Farm Insurance- SHINGLE SPRINGS AND FOLSOM, CA IS NOT IMMUNE TO NATURAL DISASTERS! As a farmer, your well-being is often dependent on things beyond your control, such as the weather. Whether it's too hot or too cold, too dry or too wet, the weather can be potentially disastrous to your crops and livestock. Flooding and drought can destroy your crops, while cold snaps and heat stroke can do the same. Natural disasters, like California's earthquakes, can destroy your farm and leave you without income for the entire year. That's why it's so important to have farm insurance to protect your assets. Don't be blindsided by a natural disaster. Call Murrays Countryside Insurance Services today for a quote. COMBINE FARM & HOME INSURANCE TO PROTECT YOUR HOMESTEAD- If you're like many farmers, you live where you work. It's just easier to tend to your crops and livestock, 24/7. A combined farm and home insurance policy can save you money while protecting your assets-both personal and work-related. If disaster strikes, don't suffer financially because your farm and home were both affected. Get back on your feet with a combined home and farm insurance plan in Shingle Springs or Folsom, CA or the Western US. MURRAY'S COUNTRYSIDE HAS THE EXPERIENCE YOU CAN RELY ON- When it comes to your farm, you don't want anything but the best! The best fertilizer, the best feed, the best equipment. The same should go for your farm insurance. So why accept anything less than the best? Our insurance agent, Rick, has been in the business since 1987. He'll come out to your farm to go over your insurance needs with you personally. Although we specialize in farm insurance, Murrays Countryside also offers: -Home insurance -Auto insurance -Life insurance -Health insurance If you need insurance anywhere in Western United States, contact us today for a quote.

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